The 100 Days project up to day 29 has been a really great experience, one where I’ve explored hundreds of rude and vulgar swear words, discovered the etymology of these words and then rewrote them to have a humorous slant. The idea was to create a body of work that would eventually be tweaked then put into production as greetings card, prints and t-shirts.

The 100 Days project up to day 29 – I’ve deliberately left the mistakes in, so that you get to see them and I get to see that a project doesn’t have to be 100% perfect. You might think this is weird – the way I work means I am really nit picky and cannot leave a project alone, that I often end up hating it and then over working it. When the original would have been perfectly acceptable. This project has been about me reaching a point, and stopping and trying to retrain myself to stop being anxious over small mistakes. It also helps to then retrain where I often do go wrong, be more efficient with time but also explore the typos.

The typos are the bit that really interests me because of the fluidity of language and it not being a true representation of communication between humans. Especially when 20% of communication is verbal and the other 80% is body language and facial expressions, noises and hand gestures. (See Derida and the Deconstruction of language.)

Of course no project would be complete at DYP without some sweary words thrown in for good measure. I have loved researching the words, I spent days sourcing various websites and books on vulgar slang to compile the list, which I’ll most likely keep running as I found more words then days for the project!

I’ve compiled a collection of the days we’re currently up to, which as this post is being written is day 29. If you want to be involved, it’s not too late. Head over to The Great Discontent and you’ll find the information for the #100DaysProject. You’ll need to have instagram installed on your smartphone or tablet. You can find everyone involved just by using the hashtag #100DaysProject.

If you like a particular image or word, then please add a comment, I’m hoping to eventually compile a list of the ones that proved the most popular and create a collection of work. I’ve already been asked to create them into a large print, I think this would look awesome full size and as an installation in a gallery as well! (But then I’m biased I guess!)

There’s still another 71 days to go, so I’ll be updating the rest in the next month. Find the rest of the project over on Instagram with lots of other brilliant creatives.

Bec 🙂

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