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Black Friday Sale, 30% Off!

Black Friday

Black Friday Sale

It’s Thanksgiving this Thursday, so all our US friends will be getting ready for the big celebration.  But wherever you are, the third week in November means it really is time to get your shit together with Christmas shopping.  So how’s this for a bit of motivation: our Black Friday sale will give you a MASSIVE  30% off in our shop from this Friday 25th to Monday 28th.  Just use the the code: BF30 at checkout.


Black Friday  Black Friday Mugs  Black Friday Black Friday  Mugs

Black Friday  Black Friday Black Friday  Black Friday


Black Friday Black Friday Black Friday Black Friday Black Friday

The Gold Standard

Black Friday  Black Friday   Black Friday  Black Friday  Black Friday


Don’t forget the Thankyou card for all those fabulous presents you’re going to get!

Black Friday


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World Vegetarian Day: Some Idiot Questions for our Resident Veggie

World Vegetarian Day

It’s world Vegetarian Day today.  The DYP Massive is mainly hardcore carnivore.  But our social media manager has been a veggie for decades.  Yes decades.  Not a morsel of meat has passed her lips.  She agreed to let us ask intrusive and idiotic questions.  The kind she’s been asked repeatedly for decades.

Q] Do you eat chicken?

A] Erm no, chicken is an animal.

Q] Do you eat fish?

A] Erm no, fish is animal.

Q] So do you just eat kidney beans then?

A] I hate kidney beans.

Q] What the hell DO you eat then?

A] Just broccoli and cauliflower

Q] Really?

A] NO.  I eat a wide range of vegetables and things made from vegetables.    And I eat cheese.

Q] Wait a minute, we’ve heard cheese has animal in it?

A] Yes, animal rennet.  Strict vegetarians wouldn’t eat cheese made with animal rennet.  But you can get cheese made with vegetable rennet. 

Q] So how long have you been on this rabbit-food then?  Not long I guess, because you look quite sturdy.

A] It’s not rabbit food.  It’s human food.  Millions of people are vegetarian…. oh, 30 years.  

Q] 30 years! Wow!

A] Go on, ask me if that’s All My Life.  Go on.  Because I only look 30 don’t I?  It’s because of the vegetarian diet you know.  Go on…. Oh OK then.  I started being a vegetarian in my early 20s.

Q] Yeah, we know you’re old.  So why did you start?

A] Old and wise. Well, when I started it was during the Ethiopian famine.  You know the one that Bob Geldof made Feed the World  about so we could all think Africans are stupid and don’t know when Christmas is?  That one.  I realised that the way the world economy worked was seriously screwed up.  Ethiopia was growing grain to sell to Europe to feed beef cattle, so we could eat burgers.  Meanwhile tens of thousands of people were dying of starvation.  I didn’t want to be part of that.  Kind of simplistic, but I was young. Then after a few years I started to get interested in animal welfare and animal rights.  I even flirted with veganism for a while.  And only drank veggie wine.  But these days, I’m a veggie mostly because I don’t think of meat as food any more.  You may as well pass me a plate of soil. It’s just not very appealing.

Q] Wait…veggie wine?

A] Really? I’m discussing international political economy and all you got was … wine? 

Q] This is DYP, not The Economist.

A] Sorry. 

Q] Come on then, veggie wine….?

A] Isinglass is used to clear sediment from wine and beer and improve it’s appearance and taste.  It’s made from the swim bladders of fish.

Q] Yum.  Did you know it’s World Vegetarian Day today?

A] No I didn’t.  I don’t really take much notice of stuff like that.  I mean, I’m a vegetarian, but I’m not evangelical about it.  I just don’t eat meat.  


Q] What’s your favourite food?

A] Chips

Q] Is that what you are having today, on World Vegetarian Day?

A] Maybe.  I might have pizza and chips, or a paneer curry with chapattis, or mushroom burgers with chips, or pasta with artichokes and goats cheese.  Or a chili.  And chips.

Q] Do you fart a lot?

A] Why do you think I work from home? 

World Vegetarian Day
That’s not my house. My house is dingy and I scoff a slice of toast at my desk for breakfast like any self respecting social media manager, dropping crumbs on the keyboard.






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Thinking of You Week – send a card to a friend 26 Sept – 2 Oct

Thinking of You Week

We all love receiving cards.  And we all love to know someone’s thinking of us.  So, we’re really happy to be taking part in Thinking of You Week next week.

Thinking of You Week was founded by the Greetings Card Association.  Yeah yeah, see we’ve woken up the cynics amongst you now!  But get this: loneliness is one of the biggest dangers to our health.  It is now recognised as a serious threat.

All on our ownsome

And it’s not just older people who feel lonely.  The Office of National Statistics recently found that 60% of 18-34 year old Brits often feel lonely.

Mind says “Being alone is not the same as being lonely”.  Loneliness is about social connections.  How much we need those connections varies from person to person.  But we all need them.


Here comes the science

Neuroscientist Professor Jonathan Haidt believes the brain only functions properly when it’s connecting with other brains.  Woo, that’s a bit … Dr Who isn’t it?  It makes sense when he explains it though.  We’re evolved to be social creatures.  That’s how we keep safe – kinda like a shoal of fish.  If we’re on the edge, we’re more vulnerable.  “Our brains go into self preservation mode” says the Professor.  We become more aggressive and anxious.

But don’t rely on numbers.  It’s all about closeness.  “It’s whether you feel isolated.  The brain’s not sitting there counting people.”

So don’t be thinking 500 friends on Facebook is going to stop anyone being lonely.  Quality over quantity.  Having someone to share your feelings with.  Having people that “get” you.

Ironically, its just when you really need those connections that you find they’re not there.  People seem to disappear when there’s a crisis.  We get anxious around other people’s crises.  We don’t know what to say.  We worry we’ll have to get too involved.  We have a feeling their sadness will rub off on us.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  It can be just letting someone know you’re still there.

Thinking of You

So, Thinking of You Week not sounding so cynical now is it?  Go on, send a card to a friend.  Make sure they know they’re still in your gang.

Facebook competition

We’re running a little competition over on our Facebook page.  Tell us why your friend should get a card.  We’ll chose the best one next week and send them a card on your behalf.  And what’s more, it will be one of our delux limited edition gold foiled Thinking of You Cards.  A little sparkle for someone who needs it.


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The Not On The High Street Make Awards 2016

Not On The High Street

It’s the annual Not On The High Street awards.  The annual celebration of brilliance at Not On The High Street celebrates creativity, originality and ingenuity of their partners (sellers).  And you may have heard the news earlier in the week: we’ve been nominated!  We are really chuffed to be considered out of the thousands of partners.  It’s a great honour.

DYP has been nominated by a panel of judges for one of the Partner of the Year Awards.  There are four categories: Collaboration Category, rewarding true collaborators who supports and develops others; Rising Star Category, awarded to a new partner already hitting milestons; Community Spirit Category, rewarding the partner who goes the extra mile to help the community; and the category DYP has been nominated for: the Breakthrough Category, for those who’ve taken great strides with their businesses.

Not On The High Street

The judging panel consists of the CEO, and two of the founders of Not On The High Street, as well as editors from Elle Decoration and the Telegraph.  The winners will be announced in the next few weeks, and we are very excited!  Our fellow nominees are Mix Pixie who sells music themed gifts and ThisIsNessie who produces bespoke stationery, and we wish them luck too!

Not On The High Street



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Not On The High Street Awards – Vote for DYP!

It’s time for the Not On The High Street Awards, and we would love it if you could vote for Do You Punctuate.

DYP has been a partner with Not On The High Street since 2012, and it’s one of our main marketplace outlets where you can purchase our products from. We love working with Not on the High Street and feel very fortunate that we are one of the 5,000 partners who work together to bring high quality products to the market. As a small business it is quite hard to find your audience in such a concentrated place; being part of that community means we can reach so many people that we would not have been able to before.

Our customers are the most important part of our businesses because without you we could not have built a Shoffice, made you laugh and personalised all of your great ideas. You keep us on our toes and you challenge us to keep coming up with funnier wordings. You are our inspiration and we love you all! The make awards are a celebration of all the brilliant and wonderful products, innovation and hard work and swear that goes into running all of the businesses that make up Not on the High Street. The awards are placed in several categories and we’ve been nominated for the Partner of the Year BreakThrough Award.

If we win this award then it’s down to you helping us do that. We’ve grown DYP massively over the past year and we want to continue that growth with your help. Please head over to the website to register your vote and know that you could be helping us to achieve our goals.

We are entering for the Partner of the Year category.  Click here to go directly to the voting page.  Our Partner Name is Do You Punctuate and our Store Front URL is http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/partners/doyoupunctuate/products



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Our Love of Typography and Vulgar Language

DYP Postcards

You may think that we just slap a load of cheek on a card and that’s it.  But there’s a method and a passion behind what we do.  Typography, design and a love of linguistics is what makes us tick.

Founder, owner, and head-honcho Bec has a longstanding interest in print.  Typography has been her thing for a long time. DYP started out as a Letterpress printing studio, using mainly vintage wood type. The artwork created for all our products is based on a 1940s wooden type from Germany.  And Bec’s more than a bit nerdy about paper.  Oh yes, it has to be the right paper, not just any old card stock!

Typography Typography typography

Our cards and prints are inspired by the centuries-old craft of letterpress printing.  We love the beautify qualities of that traditional print.

typographySo, you may focus on the cheeky message, but we’ve spent hours selecting the right paper, and the right printer.  We’ve designed unique and individual fonts.  We’ve spent time getting the layout just right.  We’ve chosen the colours carefully.  Add luxury, traditional crafts, and a hefty dose of rude and what you get is DYP.  We love what we do!





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Exam Results days are nearly here!


Exam results days are drawing near.  Are you quietly confident, or biting your nails?  Our own exam days are long behind us. But we’ve got our fingers and well everything crossed for everyone we know who’s going to be opening that brown envelope!

So, whatever the exam results, we know it’s been a long slog.  And you deserve a a big fat squidgy hug for that!

A Level Results: 18th August

GCSE Results: 25th August

Exam results Exam results


Exam results

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Cool things for teenagers to do in the hols


Do your teenagers need cool things to do in the hols?  Or do you need you teenagers to do something in the hols?  If you don’t know the difference, ask your teenagers!

Mumsnet had a little discussion about holiday activities for teenagers a while back.  They came up with a bunch of ideas.  The kind parents everywhere would probably suggest, with the purist of intentions.  A raft of teenagers signed up to Mumsnet so they could wade in:

“Right, guys you might want to listen closely, all this rubbish about yeay lets go on a treasure hunt is pure bullshit, no offence parents.  Swimming?? Seriously??”

“I’m 15 and these ideas suck, sorry J”

“The important point I think parents should know is that most probably your teen already has activities planned.  So let them have some freedom and let them decide for themselves how to spend their holidays.”

That’s us told then!

Of course, teenagers are people.  Some might like treasure hunts and swimming.  Some would rather chill with friends and, importantly, away from parents.  And of course, there’s a difference between a 17 year old and a 13 year old.

For teenagers who come asking for ideas

If a teenager is needing something to do  here’s some thoughts.  Let them reject them out of hand, ridicule, adapt or embrace at their leisure:

  • A photography project: “the stupid things my family did this summer”
  • A blog “the boring things my family wanted me to do this summer”
  • A playlist “all the music my mum hates”  “favourite music”  “stuff I’m not supposed to listen to”
  • A wardrobe revamp – clear out, adapt, swap with friends, recycle, repurpose your clothes

For teens who are fed up of you wanting them to do stuff

If a teenager just wants to be left alone here’s a thing:

“A few years ago, I took three teenagers camping: one son, one niece, one friend of niece.  I went for walks, read my book, had leisurely pub lunches, painted, cooked.  They slept, festered, flirted with other young people on the campsite, festered some more, slept some more, played with their phones til the batteries went flat.  I could have forced them to join my activities, but they’d have been grumpy and I’d have been cross.  As it was, we all had a bloody fantastic time.”

For teens who just want you to butt out

Lets face it, what teenagers mostly want is autonomy and adult-free time.   Give them a summer budget.  Set some mutually agreed ground rules (curfew, how far you can go, communication etc).  Get them to plan some activities.  Hand over the dosh.*


*Obviously some teenagers are more vulnerable than others.  Some may need more guidance than others.  Be sensible.  Be a parent!

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Name the Beast: A New Printer at DYP

We have a new beast and it needs a name!  Enter our Facebook competition to help name our new printer.   Whoever comes up with the best name will win one of our This Kitchen Runs On Love Laughter Gin and Prosecco teatowels.


DYP has been growing fast.  We’ve expanded our operation massively this year.   A lot of that is down to the support we’ve had from Entrepreneurial Spark.  E-Spark is a Natwest and KPMG initiative to support new businesses.  The support has been amazing.  But it’s getting hard to keep up with all your orders.  We’ve been working round the clock to meet demand, but with our clunky old (otherwise known as huge high quality) printer just wasn’t up to the job.  So we’ve had to upgrade our technology.   It’s a major investment, but we know it will improve our production and our service.

Relegating our workaday printers to the sidelines.
Relegating our workaday printers to the sidelines.
New Printer
Should be just about enough room for it in this corner!









The New Arrival

This week a new beast arrived in the DYP Shoffice.  It’s so massive it almost didn’t fit through the door.  There was a lot of late night shuffling around of furniture in the Shoffice to make room for it, and relegate our itsy bitsy printers to the sidelines.  And we had a special technician to come and install it.  This is no desk-top printer.  And at 20 cards per minute it’s already changed how we work. We’re ready for your orders guys!

New Printer
The new printer installed.

Competition Time

But, we need your help… the beast needs a name.  We want you to come up with it’s moniker.  Get creative, no Printer McPrintfaces, we want original!  Hope over to our Facebook page to enter your suggestion.  Best one will be decided 29th July and the winner will receive one of our fab Teatowels.

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