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DYP Mugs, Which Hot Drinks Do You Put In Yours?


Have you seen our glorious new DYP mugs?  I bet you’re thinking “just the ticket for drinking Prosecco” aren’t you?  But wait, there’s so many other things you could try.

Irish Coffee

How about the old Irish Coffee.  I always thought the name was just another of those dodgy things that gets “irish” bunged in front of it with no regard for actual Irishness.  But apparently I’m wrong.  it was invented by Joe Sheridan in 1943 at Foynes Port in Limerick for cold damp passengers.  Actual provenance.  Provenance of my recipe, cold wet field somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales circa 1993.  Here it is: Make a cup of coffee. Put whisky in it.  Top tip: don’t use your mother’s single malt because her wrath will spoil the taste.



Soup is a problem.  Do you eat it?  Do you drink it?  Putting it in mugs only confuses the issue further.  I’ll definitely eat mine with a spoon.  But try this mushroom soup anyway: Chanterelle mushrooms, shallots, stock, cream, garlic, salt, pepper and large dash of dry sherry.  Sounds like the sort of supper that needs to be accompanied by Prosecco.  Which raises another problem: you’re gonna need two mugs.

Mulled Wine

Now I used to think mulled wine was wrong.  I mean who would do that to wine?  A travesty second only to putting red wine in the fridge.  But I have since revised my opinion.  It’s not red wine really, and it is rather nice.  I’ve tried loads of recipes including those kits people give you for Christmas.  And none of them are that great.  Plus you have to waste a perfectly good bottle of red wine.  So here’s one that works.  Go to nearest supermarket.  Buy bottle of mulled wine.  Pour into a pan, heat, serve.  No red wine was harmed in this recipe.


Mugs of Hot Chocolate

So I googled this one and now I wish I hadn’t.  Bacon, Hazelnut Bourbon and Frangelico Hot Chocolate anyone?  I like the sound of the “Irish Hot Chocolate” with Guinness, whiskey and Baileys though.  Even though the last time I drank Baileys it mostly ended up down a friend’s broken toilet.

If all of this sounds way too scary, we’ll not penalise you for using your mugs for a good old cuppa tea.  But we’re diggin around in the back of auntie’s sideboard for some Frangelico.  Which according to Wikipedia is made of ancient Italian monks.  And hazelnuts.  Enjoy.

Mugs Mugs Mugs Mugs


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Post-Bank Holiday Hangover Cures Needed!

Hangover Cures

So you spent the Bank Holiday weekend drinking, chucking down as much as you could.  And now you’re back at work and in need of a hangover cure.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  And we’ve got some hangover cures for you!

The NHS says this:

“Alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it removes fluids from the body), so drinking too much can lead to dehydration.  Dehydration is what causes many of the symptoms of a hangover.”

Ok, so we knew that, but what we need is a cure.

The NHS again: “the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink too much.”  Umm, yeah, bit late for that now.  But they recommend rehydrating (preferably before going to sleep) with plenty of water.  Then, sugary or isotonic drinks, and paracetamol.  And an antacid if your stomach is upset.

All good sound medical advice, which we’d be wise to follow.  They also suggest a thin vegetable soup to replace vitamins and minerals.  I don’t know about you, but seriously, can you face vegetable soup?

We canvassed some friends and neighbours for their own brand of hangover cures.  Go on, give em a try, we dare you!

The Very Best in Hangover Cures !

Hangover Cures Hangover Cures Hangover Cures

  1. Pickled onion Monster Munch and diet Coke.
  2. Cold flat Coke
  3. Onions: onion rings, friend onions, raw onions, spring onions, onion ring crisps
  4. Anything with cheese in it
  5. Fried egg sandwich with ketchup and 2 cans of Coke
  6. Barr’s Irn Bru (“made with girders”) and Scotch Pie
  7. Tomato Juice
  8. Hash browns and fruit salad (not on the same plate)
  9. Pint of milk and pack of salt n vinegar Ringos
  10. Chips
  11. 27 hours sleep
  12. Hair of the Dog/ Getting Back On It

We really DON’T recommend No 12.   As much as we like our tipple, that’s a sure-fire pathway to liver disease.  And a total myth – it absolutely doesn’t work, just delays the inevitable.  But have you tried any of the others? What’s your go-to hangover cure?

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