Roll Up Roll Up New Prints and Cards here at DYP! Check out these outrageously rude and fabulous prints that I’ve been busy working away on! Full of sweary outrageous goodness! 

Fuck the calories!
Fuck the Cake!

The prints are stunning (if I say so myself!) all inspired by funny sayings with the usual amounts of profanity but still luxury quality, archival inks and gorgeous paper from GF Smith. I’ve loved creating these pieces because I often see prints for the home that are the same old generic inspirational quotes, which are lovely (if you like that sort of thing) but not for everyone. So these are a definite twist, in the same vein and style that you’ve come to expect from DYP. You can find the full collection here: DYP Prints

You can also see the rather brilliant collection of new greetings cards that I’ve added to the shop as well. My way of working means I often come up with ideas quite quickly and so I can have them printed and ready to sell within a couple of hours. I love the fluidity of this way of working, it means that cards that are not doing so well in sales can be replaced and new cards can be showcased. I guess in some ways I’m not a traditional card publisher and I quite like that!

These cards are inspired by some early designs I had letterpress printed, the Royalty inspired ones have always been a huge success with my customers. So I decided to bring them back in the wood type style.

As always I love doing the commissions and I love how you guys get more and more outrageous in your requests. So please do keep them coming! I hope you like the new work and I am always incredibly humbled by your support.

Bec x

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