Football Fanatic or Football Widow?

Its UEFA … bla bla bla football.  Or not.  Are you a football fan or widow?  Like it or not, this month’s gonna be all about the beautiful game.   If you love it, you’re gonna be in heaven.  If not, well ……

HFD Blah Football

“What time does the tourna…match… Euro thing start, football, rugby, whatever…  What is it? What time?”

This Saturday overheard conversations in our city centre were all football.  Enthusiasts explaining it to their other-halves.  Other-halves not even pretending to be interested.

Here at DYP towers some of us we’re a bit split.  Some of us barely notice it’s happening, some of us know a lot more than we want  Some of us accidently got excited by the Wales V Slovakia match on Saturday afternoon.  But enthusiasm waned by the time it got to England V Russia.

We asked our soccer specialists for some help.  “Right well, the Euros are every four years between the World Cup.  They started in….”  Hang on, we don’t need that much information.  “But I like talking about football.”  Oh.

“I’ve waited 58 years for this”

So what we know is if you’re Welsh, you’ve had a stonking weekend.  And well deserved we might say. (That’s coming from the accidental spectator).  If you’re an England supporter, not so much.  Just a predictable draw.  Which is still much better than the action off the pitch.  But still not that great.  The must-win feel of these knockout stage prevails.  Northern Ireland are already joint bottom in their group.  The Republic of Ireland have got it tough in Group E, but have managed to hold on to a draw so far.  Football fans are nothing if not optimists.  Never say never.  Maybe this time …

“I have nothing against football.  It just seems very wasteful losing two hours of my life to wtch 22 millionaires on TV chasing a gag full of wind in their underwear.”  Guy Martin

And so for the widows.  Or widowers.  What are you all up to?  You don’t care, you can’t be bothered?  Or plain pissed off with it all?  Don’t despair, there’s plenty more to do out there. It’s summer afterall.  A festival, a BBQ, a night in a TV-less pub?  Anyone for tennis?  As for us, well, as always there’s gin and prosecco!

This kitchen Football


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