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Happy Valentines Big Balls

Valentines Big Balls cards

This card always makes me chuckle, and after being such a success over Christmas this is the Valentines incarnation, as requested by you guys.

As usual, this card can be personalised, posted anywhere (except the moon) and also I offer an express delivery service. All can be found here on Not on the High Street.


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Happy Fucking Valentines

Valentines day cards

In the coming weeks I’m going to be sharing the rather cheeky and straight up Valentines offerings for 2015.

So have a butchers here at this straight to the point Valentines Card! Says it all really!

Happy Fucking Valentines

Digitally printed onto 400gsm luxury stock, I can personalise this card and post it out to a recipient if you happen to live away from each other or in the same house or on a mountain. You catch my drift.

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Valentines 2015

HFV star greetings

We’re well into the New Year now and coming fast up to one of my most favourite times of the year: Valentines. It’s a great time because I get to be involved in your Valentines, be it you choosing a cheeky card or wanting a personal message printed for a special loved one.

I also happen to love this time of year because it’s beautiful to see so many of you sharing your love, there’s also a lot of you who love to show the opposite too and of course, I accommodate both sides of love and hate!

This year I’m bringing to you a rather fabulous selection of Valentines cards that have the swearyness, the adult humour and the double entendres! You can have any message printed, and I also post out to a recipient, you just need to make sure you put your recipient’s address in the delivery details.

Lots of changes have happened here at DYP, I had to make some difficult decisions about how to go forward with printing. Mainly as my health has suffered in the past year; I had to make business decisions about how well DYP could run without me, who would letterpress print if I couldn’t? I’ve spent a long time agonising over what is the best thing to do and so I arrived at a compromise.

DYP will still print limited edition letterpress print runs and one off commissions but as a whole I’ve moved my business over to printing digitally on demand. Using some stunning wood block fonts, beautiful colours, lots of new swear words and some fabulous new paper stock. Also I had lots of requests to offer a censored card range, so that is available for the cards that are a bit more colourful with the language! The great thing about a new direction as well, is that I’m able to offer a faster delivery service with express delivery options, printed personalisation and still give you all a fabulous luxury card range.

You can find the new range of cards over at Not on the High Street.

I am so incredibly proud of the new work for Valentines 2015 and I really hope you guys love it too!

Bec x


HV cum faces HV cunning linguist

HV big tits HV Big Balls


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Christmas Shopping 2014


Christmas Shopping 2014! No I haven’t been on the gin, yes I’m doing a non profanity post! Can you believe it? 😉

Christmas isn’t too far away and if you’re like me I love to give new and quirky gifts to my family that you can’t find on the High Street. Also if you spend at least £100 on your local shops and with designer makers, you increase your local economy ten fold. So here is a list of some of the fabulous Designer Makers of Yorkshire and some gift ideas that are beautiful and lovingly made. So this Christmas Shopping 2014 make it a special one by choosing these amazing designer makers.


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The Christmas countdown begins…

tinsel tits cards


So we’ve had Bonfire night (a brilliant British tradition) and Halloween and now the next major event on my calendar is: Mix up Sunday!

Here in my house we traditionally use the last Sunday of November (known as mix up Sunday) to make all of our Christmas goodies like Christmas pudding, cakes, sauces, biscuits. (It gets frozen where needed!)


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I F**king love you Mug and Coaster Gift Set

ifloveyou mug scene

For a while now many customers have asked for the sayings to be on other products. So after much research they have arrived! These fabulous gift sets with ‘I fucking love you’ taken from a letterpress print, are now on mugs! They also have a matching coaster and make fantastic gifts for lovers of profanity! Each set is £15 with £2.75 p&P.

You can purchase them either by emailing me via the contact page or here at Not on the High Street.


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Well that was nice

ho ho fucking ho cards

Over the weekend I had a complaint from a non customer, anonymously via my main online outlet and as I was in the supermarket when this email dropped in (I use my phone for a shopping list!) I was utterly crushed and mortified. To be truthful I wanted to go and sit on the potato pallet and cry my eyes out that I had upset someone so much that they felt disgusted and horrified that profanity products existed online. Of course they argued the toss that they spent an awful lot of money and how could products like mine be allowed on a family orienteered site?


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A Charlton and Cropper Peerless Update

Front of Ethel

Over the past few months I’ve had several enquiries about how I progressed with restoring Ethel (my Improved Peerless printing press.) Then I realised it’s been two years since I updated my post and showed you the final look of a restored press.


This is Ethel restored back to her full working glory, with 21st century tweaks thrown in. You can read more about her journey here but this post is about what happened next!


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DYP is off on Holiday!

old moon postcard

Just to let you know that DYP will be closed from the 31st July until the 18th August as I’m taking some time off to spend some much needed rest and time with my family. The shops will be closed but should you wish to get in touch with me you can drop me an email via the contact page, and I’ll get back to you when I can.


I hope you have a lovely summer and the sun is shining where you are. See you soon!


Bec x



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A social media update and some new selling rules

DYP Postcards3

So if my facebook feed is anything to go by, there seems to be a bit of a frenzy about these new selling regulations or the amendments to it that come in to effect on Friday 13th June.  So today, I’ve been sat reading through what feels like lots of law jargon to work out how these rules affect me as an online retailer.


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