Nominated for an Award!

We’re up for another award!  And it’s all down to the hard work of Bec.  DYP has been going from strength to strength over recent months.  Our orders have been through the roof.  Who’d have thought two years ago we’d be having to take on staff? It’s been a thrilling ride. But not only that, our achievements have been officially recognised.


DYP founder and head honcho Bec Gilray, has been part of Entrepreneurial Spark for 12 months.  E-Spark is a national business accelerator for new ventures funded by Natwest.  “Our Leeds entrepreneurs have accomplished some amazing feats in recent months, from raising substantial investment to creating jobs, disrupting the market, and creating a positive impact on the UK economy, and I would like to say a massive well done to them all!” says CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark Lucy-rose Walker.  These awards celebrate how far they’ve progressed.

So far Bec has won a number of prizes for the progress of the business.  Now she’s been nominated for the Acceler8 Entrepreneuring Award, along with two other local businesses.   There’s thousands of pounds in prize money at stake, but it’s amazing just be nominated.  We couldn’t be more proud.  We’re keeping our fingers and toes, and frankly anything that can be crossed, crossed.  The winner will be announced at a prestigious Awards ceremony this Wednesday.

Entrepreneurial Spark was first set up in Scotland by entrepreneurs with experience of start-up businesses. It has since been rolled out across the UK.  A private not-for-profit company, it’s main partners are RBS and Natwest.  It is also supported by KPMG.  The support Bec has received includes courses, mentoring, networking, peer support, access to resources, and greatly raised profile.  The past 12 months with ESpark has been a major catalyst for the growth of DYP.

Catalyst for Growth

Bec says “It’s been fantastic.  The contacts I’ve made have made all the difference, and I’ve learnt to think far more ambitiously about my business.  I’m so excited to have been nominated again.  It would be fantastic to win, but it’s great just to have the recognition of the progress I’ve made.  It’s great to take stock of everything we’ve achieved in the last year.”

Whether the award comes our way or not, we’ve got a lot of thanking to do.  And top of the list is our customers.  Finding new ways to be outrageously rude especially for you really is the best way of earning a living!


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