Over the weekend I had a complaint from a non customer, anonymously via my main online outlet and as I was in the supermarket when this email dropped in (I use my phone for a shopping list!) I was utterly crushed and mortified. To be truthful I wanted to go and sit on the potato pallet and cry my eyes out that I had upset someone so much that they felt disgusted and horrified that profanity products existed online. Of course they argued the toss that they spent an awful lot of money and how could products like mine be allowed on a family orienteered site?

I couldn’t answer those questions then because I obviously don’t see profanity as a threat or as vile or disgusting. I think it’s funny when used in the right context, and I know that an awful lot of you do too.

Now reading that back, I feel a bit silly that I got upset and my husband with a clear head gave me sound advice. The customer wasn’t picking up on the quality of my work just the content. So I wrote back to customer services (who are in a rock and a hard place) and expressed my apologies because I thought it was the right thing to do.  Yet I came away feeling that I shouldn’t have to apologise for my work or it’s content.

I predominantly sell with Not on the High Street, I drive internet traffic there via my own advertising and social media presence because as Noths have explained, they can’t promote my work. I’ve never had a problem with it, and I’m quite happy to do what I’m doing. I have tried to experiment with censoring the images and sadly it affected my sales dramatically. So I do try censoring on some images discreetly with small stars placed over particular words.

In effect I’ve tried to make sure that I’ve done the right thing and limit exposure of profanity to younger eyes or those who don’t like it.

I had lots of arguments running around my head before I wrote this because I wanted to argue that the internet is big place, children are exposed to a lot of things we as parents are not necessarily aware of, despite our best attempts to keep them in a bubble. That shopping online for most outlets requires you to be over 18, that you should be doing your homework before letting younger people access websites. But we all know that we don’t do that as often as we should.

I also wanted to argue another point that just because we have families with children, that doesn’t stop us being adults or enjoying adult humour. So why can we not enjoy funny profanity products? And then what about people without children? Why should they not be allowed to also access the same products because two people who viewed my work have complained. So after much thinking and mulling I came back to where I have always sat when I made the decision to make profanity my main income.

I love it, you guys love it, it’s funny, it’s brash, it’s in your face, it’s cheeky, it’s really just a bit of fun and that if you really are that offended by the word Fuck or Bitch or Shit. Then maybe you need to go and look at why it offends YOU so much.

After the email was dealt with, I sold out over the weekend of Christmas Cards, in particular ‘Ho ho Fucking ho’, which seems to be resonating with a lot of you this year! So thank you for buying from me and reminding me that it’s ok to be challenged, as it just drives me to keep on going.

Have a fab Monday and if you want to check out my entire profanity collection have a look here 🙂



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