Gosh, it’s been non stop this week and I just want to thank you fab bunch for being so supportive of my little print shop.

I tend to do my print runs in 10s but this week they’ve been done in the 50’s! It would seem that profanity sells and you guys absolutely love your swear words. So with that in mind I’m definitely going to be fleshing out and researching the profanity!

At Christmas, I did a series of rather cheeky Christmas and New Year cards and launched them at the Country Living Fairs. Unsure whether they’d go down well, I tentatively displayed them and waited…well they were a roaring success and I’d sold out in the first day. So this and Valentines is definitely a sign that profanity sells! I love a good swear word or five 😉

So if you want to have your own swear words printed to a card then get in touch. I’ve had several commissions come about this week to personalise cards with endearments you call your sweethearts. And they’re so rude! 😉

So if you’re wanting your own commission, get in touch or if you prefer have a peruse through the Valentine’s Cards here.

Have a great weekend!

Bec x


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