Trust a poet if a good insult is what you need!

Want to know how to really insult someone? If a good swear is what you need, trust a poet to come up with the goods.   Say what?  Yeah, well it has to be the right poet obviously.

Back in the day, John Cooper Clark was your go-to insult monger.  And his poem “Twat” is a classic.  He may not be from Yorkshire, but we love him, and his swears !  Next time someone needs a good telling, you know where to turn.

We never knowingly turn away from a curse.   A good swear is sometimes what you need.  Even when you don’t mean it.   DYP have a fine line in potty-mouth, all with the best possible intentions!   We’ve printed the old favourites.  We’ve learnt some new ones from our customers.  We’ve made some up.  Here’s some of our- and your- favourites:

insult insult insult insult insult insult HB_Cuntface_large HB_dickhead_1024x1024

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