At DYP we like to think that we’re not just offering our customers a ‘card-buying service’ but that we’re able to give you a little chuckle along the way. Sometimes, life is just a tad too serious and we pride ourselves on shaking life up a bit with our range of downright filthy and outrageous cards.

Whether you’re looking for a mantlepiece safe card for your great-aunt Sue, or something with a naughtier touch for your darling husband, we can guarantee we have the card for you. When we say that we will print ANYTHING on a card (as long as it’s legal!) we mean it and even better, we will personalise it too. Yup, saying it as it just got a lot easier.

Choosing the right card is a pain in the arse at the best of times but it’s 1000000x worse when you’re using a card to say something you may not even have the balls to say to their face…

We’ve chosen our top 6 filthiest cards to make things easier. Obviously, these change ALL the time because we’re just so bloody amazing and creative, so you can keep tabs on our new arrivals here. Please be aware, some of our cards are totally NSFW!


1) Happy Birthday Cunt

Blunt and straight to the point, just how we like it! Might be best sending this one in the post…

2) I’m not farting on your penis, it’s just a knicker whisper

If you’re making an excuse, you might as well try to make them cute. 

3) Happy Birthday Big Tits

We all know a pair! Why not just give them a gentle reminder on their special day?

4) I love your cock

You know, just in case you’re done with being subtle…

5) Happy Birthday. Get those lips ready, it’s blow job day

We all know it happens once or twice a year if you’re lucky! Give her a hint and you might up it to three times!

6) Husband, you make my special bits feel lovely

Mother always told me that honesty was the best policy!

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