Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts. It is the time of year, where the run down to the school holidays is well underway.

So whilst the frenzy is happening with the last drive for squeezing out every last drop of education, it’s time to spare a thought for our hardworking teachers and assistants. So we have put together a rather splendid list of Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts that we think teachers will really appreciate!

Number one of our Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts:

The talented ladies at Scamp make some of the most gorgeous gifts and we simply love this laser cut teacher sign.

Teachers are super heroes and this brilliant pennant flag comes with a neon cord and is made from birch plywood. We have had several signs from Scamp and we give our seal of approval for being amazing quality! A great gift idea and only £12.50!


Topf 5 teacher gifts

Number Two:

You will need a matching teacher card and we have the perfect collection of cheeky but fun and personalised greeting cards. Check out our collection here. We can personalise all of our cards to match your Teacher’s name or even make a special personalised card just for them.

Top 5 teacher Gifts Top 5 teacher Gifts Top 5 teacher Gifts Top 5 teacher Gifts

Number Three: 

The Cheeky Food Company are definitely up our street with their splendid offering of food gifts. We love this gift set as an alternative to the mountain of chocolate and body products we know our teacher friends receive. These chutneys available here: 

Are made with the finest Indian ingredients and we cannot wait to try the Ravishing Red Onion Chutney!

Number Four:

We simply love this mug and felt that it might strike a cord with many teachers! Prints In Pyjamas make some really funny and quite cool mugs but this one was our favourite!

Number Five

KimHearts has a fab shop on Etsy and we feel this glass would definitely get some use once the holidays start! We love the sparkly bottom but visions of a large Gin and Tonic spring to mind too!

Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts

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