So according to statistical data this is around the time of the month when it’s all doom and gloom and we’re all a bit fed up. I can empathise with that feeling to a degree so I decided that I wasn’t going to wallow in melancholy and I needed to find something interesting to do.

For a while, I’ve toyed with the idea of taking letterpress classes to refresh what I learnt at university and also to fine tune skills I’ve learnt with my own experimenting. When I first bought the Adana I struggled at getting an even impression, I even thought I had bought a dodgy press. However, after much research (thank you Briar Press!) and a conversation with Phylicia from Phlights of Phancy.  I came to realise that the Adana is a great press but you are limited to an uneven impression using wood blocks and that it works best at small sizes.

That doesn’t mean to say I’m put off using my press but I do a lot of plate printing and I wanted to get it right. So after a google and bookmark check, I found Hotbed press in Salford offer courses for a range of printing. Unfortunately, I can not make it to their next set of classes (and they’re fully booked!) But I am going to try my best to get around to any future ones, as well as checking out bookbinding courses at Shepherd’s/Faulkiner’s fine paper suppliers.

In other studio news, the launch of the store has been immensely successful, to which I am utterly overwhelmed by the support that people have given. I’ve also set up a Facebook advert page (which was a huge learning curve in itself!) and this goes live tonight at 7pm GMT. I feel right now, so many exciting things are happening that I haven’t the time to be melancholic. I never really thought the studio would come along this far but I’m really enjoying the experience. Maybe the solution to driving away the January blues is to throw yourself into something creative, make yourself feel like you’ve achieved something and enjoy the frosty weather?

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