It’s time to say thankyou teacher.  The kids can’t wait for the hols.  No more school uniform, no more homework, no more lessons.  Lots of lie-ins, and playing-out.  Teachers in the meantime are frantically checking that everything’s been done.   Have all the papers been marked?  Have all the children reached their goals?  Are the reports written?  Have lists been ticked?  Is everyone ready for the next year?  And looking forward to 6 weeks of rest.  But before you get jealous of that six week holiday, here’s 10 reasons teachers rock.  And why they need those 6 weeks.  And to say thankyou teacher.

  1. They put up with our kids, even when they are really really horrible. Without totally losing it.
  2. They help their students learn what they thought they’d never learn. They’re inspire and encourage.
  3. Even when they have hundreds of parents waiting to talk to them, or thousands of emails to answer, or a zillion papers to mark, they are still there in the classroom, teaching the lesson
  4. They have 30 or more children in every class. 30 or more different needs and different problems.  And at least a handful of pains-in-the-butt.  And yet somehow, they manage to teach them all.
  5. They’re patient and forgiving and will teach your kids even when they are the worst kids ever.
  6. They get all sorts of criticism from the public and in the press. And yet 93% of teachers say the reason they teach is they want to make a difference to student’s lives.
  7. They get really long holidays, yet only 17% of them say that was an important factor in choosing to go into teaching.
  8. They spend every evening of term time marking work and planning lessons. And most weekends too.
  9. They sacrifice family time and a social life to give their best to their pupils.
  10. They can drink a cup of tea in 2 minutes and eat their lunch in 4. Just so they can rush to the next lesson, or the next meeting.

So lets give it up for the teachers.  Where would we be without them?  Happy holidays teachers, enjoy your rest, you deserve it!

Thankyou Teacher Thankyou Teacher Thankyou Teacher Thankyou Teacher


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