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Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Whooooo! I made it to three years! DYP has been in business for that long!

As a massive thank you for all of your wonderful support for all things sweary I’m giving you guys 15% off of everything on the store until October 23rd.

Just Pop Happi3 in the promotion box at the checkout to automatically get 15% off your entire order. (Postage not included)

If you saw my previous Vlog you’ll see that I mentioned a competition that I’ll be running. I want you guys to share your most craziest combination of filthy swear words that make you piss your pants laughing. Things like ‘wankstain’, ‘Sharkbastard’, ‘moudly fuckhole’ – you know words that you use to shout at other people when driving, or what you think of a co-worker!

The best ones will be put to vote on the Facebook page of DYP, you guys can choose the best one and it will be made into a card and printed and posted to you. It will also go live on the website for sale. So what you waiting for? Getting cracking! Either leave your choices here in the comments or head to Facebook and twitter and share the fuck out of this post so you can win!

I really want to say a massive thank you to you guys for being such amazing fucking people who have supported me and keep me aiming to create new and even more outrageously rude filth!

Bec x





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The 100 Days Project up to day 29

camel toe cards

The 100 Days project up to day 29 has been a really great experience, one where I’ve explored hundreds of rude and vulgar swear words, discovered the etymology of these words and then rewrote them to have a humorous slant. The idea was to create a body of work that would eventually be tweaked then put into production as greetings card, prints and t-shirts.


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Non religious Easter Greetings Cards

calories non religious easter greetings cards

Non Religious Easter Greetings Cards – sounds completely ironic doesn’t it? Being a non religious person but living in a country that has lots of religious festivals and Bank Holidays, it’s quite difficult to avoid them. However, I do quite enjoy the gathering of friends and family for an Easter Sunday feast! I love the rustle and garish foil covered chocolate eggs. I guess I really enjoy the pagan side of the festival as apposed to the Christian side of things. And that’s ok.

So with that in mind, I’ve created three cards based on chocolate consumption and the dreaded lactose intolerance! (more…)

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Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell

HB slack twat cards

Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell are only available to buy here at the DYP shop. You’ll find some of the naughtiest of the cards with words that are pretty outrageous and explicit but we know you’ll love them!

For a long time I tried to find greetings cards that were not slushy, or twee. That wasn’t embellished with glitter and had teddy bears or words of vomit inducing poetry plastered over them. So I decided to create my own work, to fit with people who I knew felt the same about cards. They wanted explicit greetings that made them giggle, be shocked and proper belly laugh.


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DYP on Etsy and Folksy

Etsy and Folksy cock cards

DYP on Etsy and Folksy! Exciting news! In order to give you guys the most options to be able to purchase our fab products, you can now find DYP on Etsy and Folksy. They are brilliant marketplaces where you can find lots of amazing products that are hand produced. It’s a thriving community that encourages kitchen top businesses, with which some of these have grown into huge companies.There you can find the Etsy DYP shop and the Folksy DYP shop and you can use Paypal to purchase your naughty products and still receive outstanding customer service!

If you see any cards that you would love to have personalised, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can print any saying or phrase. Just use our contact page and we’ll do the rest!

You can also visit the DYP shop too, where you can find the full collection of outrageously rude greetings cards! There you’ll discover our entire range of very naughty and rude offerings that are not for the faint hearted! We love a bit of filth and we think Valentines day is one of the best holidays to celebrate lots of innuendo, tongue in cheek naughty fun!

Have a look to view the current Valentine’s range and if you like what you see, then don’t forget to like or even share! We’ll love you even more! (No tongues though!) #valentines2015




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I love your Bacon

New DYP cards

Seriously who does not love some bacon! 😉

This is a great card for all fans of bacon and is perfect for Valentines day! You can find this cheeky card here at Not on the High Street and it can be personalised and posted out to your chosen recipient, possibly with some chocolate coated bacon or bacon sauce or bacon sweets…


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Happy Valentines You Cunning Linguist

HV cunning linguist cards

Can you work out what it means? I bet you can if you really think about it!

This is one of the brand spanking new designs for 2015, a rather cheeky Valentines card set in the lovely wood type font and printed onto 400gsm luxury paper. I absolutely adore this card and it makes me chuckle every time!

Find it here at Not on the High Street where you can choose to have this card personalised or posted onto a recipient.



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Happy Valentines Big Balls

Valentines Big Balls cards

This card always makes me chuckle, and after being such a success over Christmas this is the Valentines incarnation, as requested by you guys.

As usual, this card can be personalised, posted anywhere (except the moon) and also I offer an express delivery service. All can be found here on Not on the High Street.


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Happy Fucking Valentines

Valentines day cards

In the coming weeks I’m going to be sharing the rather cheeky and straight up Valentines offerings for 2015.

So have a butchers here at this straight to the point Valentines Card! Says it all really!

Happy Fucking Valentines

Digitally printed onto 400gsm luxury stock, I can personalise this card and post it out to a recipient if you happen to live away from each other or in the same house or on a mountain. You catch my drift.

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