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European Day of Languages seems like a good excuse for foreign swearing!

Today is European Day of Languages.  It was founded to celebrate linguistic diversity in Europe.  Did you know that there are over 200 European languages?  And that’s before you add in all the languages spoken by people who’s families originate from outside Europe.

The EDL was set up jointly by the European Union and the Council of Europe.  It’s aim is to promote diversity of language.  And to encourage language learning.  Their website says “Even if you only know a few words of the language of the country that you visit, this enables you to make new friends and contacts.”  Erm, they obviously haven’t been learning the same words as us then !

Language diversity is a great thing to celebrate.  But we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t take you into the darker recesses of European languages would we?

Just about every language in the world has it’s profanities.    And they mostly hinge on bodily functions, sex and genitalia or god and religion.  But what is completely taboo in one country, might be pretty tame in another.

Depending on where you are, the culture and religion of a country, words will have different significance.  According to the BBC, curses involving mothers (mother-fucker, son of a bitch …) are more common “where Mary is co-star with Jesus” (ie where there are plenty of Catholics), and not so much in others.  Apparently, in Finland for instance, mother-based swearing will just confuse.   Female genitalia tends to be at the top of the taboo list in most countries.  But in the Scandinavian and neighbouring countries, it’s equalled by hell and the devil.  Some of Finland’s rudest words are saatana (Satan), perkele (devil – or more accurately, a pre-Christian god of thunder), and helvetti (Hell).  None of which carry much weight in English.  At least not these days.  (Though the Helvetti were also, according to Wikipedia, a Gallic tribe in Switzerland in the 1st century.  Language is confusing!)

European Day of Languages

In Sweden skit (shit) isn’t a very strong word.  It’s the sort of thing you can say in polite society.  Breaking from the god-sex-poo rules of swearing, Poland and the Netherlands add in death and disease.  “Cholera!” can be used as an exclamation in Poland (though it seems to be going out of fashion).  And just add “cancer” (kanker) to anything in Dutch and it becomes a rude insult.  This must be quite upsetting in hospital oncology departments?

OK, so less of the theory, you say, lets get on with the practice.  Well, our knowledge of European languages stops pretty much at the border, so to speak.  But we’ve picked up a few useful words on our travels.  And sourced a few for you too.  On European Day of Languages it is beholden of you to swear in other languages.  So go for it or ihre Mutter saugt Schwiene and Du bist ein Arschge fiktes Suppenhunt.  Apols for our German grammar, or lack thereof.  Like we say, we ain’t no experts.  If you speak any of these languages, feel free to tell us if we’ve got it wrong.

Useful Insults and Expletives in European Languages!

  Shit Fuck! Hell! And other expletives Fuck off/piss off/get lost and other useful insults
German Scheisse   Mach es dir selber
French Merde Putain Vas pisser dans les fleur
Danish   For helvede Pis af

Fuck af

Spanish Mierde Joder! Que te den por culo
Welsh Cach   Ffwcia oma
Polish     spierdalaj
Italian   Cazzo Figlio di puttana
Greek     Ay gamisou




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Victorian Vulgarities and What You Can Do With Them

Victorian vulgarities and what you can do with them.

Bloody Hell!

If George Bernard Shaw felt needed extra publicity he could have done worse than to swear.  Whether he did it for the publicity or not we’ll never know.  But audiences were horrified (and delighted) when Eliza Doolittle cried out “Not Bloody Likely”.  Pygmalion (or My Fair Lady as it became on the screen) is all about language of course.  There’s Henry Higgins, an eminent member of the respectable class.  And Eliza, as low as low can get.  And Henry has to prove that he can pass her off as a lady.

“Walk! Not bloody likely.  I am going in a taxi.”

There, in one exclamation, we have Higgins’ problem.  You can take the flower girl out of the East End.  But you can’t take the East End out of the flower girl.

Victorian Vulgarities

When the play was first performed in 1914, the audience reportedly went very quiet.  And then roared with laughter for a full minute.  A few “Decency” campaigns protested over it.  (We hate to think what they’d think of us)  But nothing really came of it.  Bloody was a bad word, but not a very bad word.

Common as Muck

And it’s been this way for most of it’s history.  During the 1700s, it was even acceptable in children’s literature. It had a spell in the first half of the 19th century, when it was a bit unspeakable.  But mostly, it’s just been seen as coarse rather than truly bad.  Something associated with the lower classes.   The lower classes of course lacking in wherewithal to speak “properly”.

In 1888, the Oxford English Dictionary listed bloody as “constantly in the mouths of the lowest classes, but by respectable people considered a ‘horrid word’…”   The same edition did not include other horrid words also in common use such as bugger, fuck or cunt.

Expand Your Vocabulary

If like us, you’re from the lower classes, you may need your vocabulary expanding.  So we have done our research.  We can now present you with our quick guide to Victorian vulgarities.  And be warned, they are very rude!

And should you wish to share this around, you madam, you sir, are a muffin walloper! *

Victorian vulgarities


* A gossip

**We have been enjoying reading  “Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing by Melissa Mohr; The Strange World of Victorian Slang by Patrick Chapman and 1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose.  All available on a well known internet shopping site, the latter being £0.00 !


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Profane or Obscene? It’s all Swearing to us!


The Etymology of Swearing

A little while ago we wrote about the Science of Swearing.  But we’re also interested in the etymology of swearing – that’s the origins of the words.  One thing we’re really interested in is the way the meanings and use change over time.  It’s all very studious round here you know.  Even during the summer holidays!

In our earlier article we said that swear words in every language fell into one of three categories. They are either about body functions or sex, or connected to religion.  But it’s not quite that simple.  At least, not historically.  There’s profanities (swearing or oaths) and there’s obscenities.  What’s the difference?

Profane? Obscene? It’s all Swearing.

Well, to be profane, is to be unholy.  So, a profanity is “taking the Lord’s name in vain”.  Jeez, Oh Lord! Hell!, Jesus Christ! For Gods sake!  All profanities.  And very very sinful they are too!  Then there’s the obscenities.  That’s the bodily functions stuff – bloody, shit etc.  And the sex – don’t forget the sex! – and genitalia.  And OMG (profanity) is there a shitload (obscenity) of that!   By the turn of the 20th Century, the two started to be pretty much lumped together as “swearing”.


What does it all mean?

The meanings of swear words get blurred when they get used as swearwords.  “Fuck” is an obvious example.   As an expletive, it really doesn’t mean “have sexual intercourse”.  We might sometimes use it in it’s literal sense, but mostly it’s the taboo that counts.  It emphasises bad.  Or sometimes good.  Or even indifference (“I don’t give a fuck”).  It also gets bunged in (sorry …) to sentences to mean whatever the (fuck) we want it to.  It’s original meaning is completely lost, once it’s used as a swear word. The important thing is that it’s an expletive.

The same goes for lots of obscenities.  When we call someone a cunt, we don’t actually mean they are a vagina.  Nor is “bugger the bills” a demand to have anal sex with your debts, however tempting that may be….

The Lost Words

What’s a real shame, is just how narrow our swearing vocabulary has got.   Lost in the annuls of time are chinkstopper, plugtail, fartleberries, lobcock, and huffle.  We’ll bring you more of that, if you can take it, next week.  Though top marks to you if you not only already know their meanings, but get them into everyday speech!

swearing swearingswearing

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Lorem Fucking Ipsum – DYP loves swearing!

Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing!

Lorem Fucking Ipsum – DYP loves swearing! – And we know you do to!  And we’re in good company.  A design company has come up with some super swearing text especially for designers.

Have you ever looked at a website and seen a load of strange Latin text?  It doesn’t make sense.  What’s it all about?  Well it’s basically dummy text.  Or what designers know as “placeholder text”.  Designers use it to fill a page to see what the layout looks like.  Sometimes they forget to take it out.

The text designers us is called Lorem Ipsum.  The use of Lorem Ipsum text goes back 5 centuries, when it was used by the early printers.  The original Lorem Ipsum is an extract from 2000 year old classical Latin Literature.  The Extremes of Good and Evil by Cicero if you really want to know.

The original Lorem Ipsum goes like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Designers usually just cut and paste it from sources on the internet.  But they should be more careful.  Because some versions have little embarrassing bits of text hidden amongst the Latin.  Next time you find a web page with Lorem Ipsum, have a check through.  See if they unwittingly left in some cheekiness.

So where’s the swearing you ask?  We thought DYP loves swearing?

Well, there’s this. It’s “Placeholder text for people who have some fucking passion!” It’s designed by loremfuckingipsum.com who have created a new placeholder text generator. It’s a lot more interesting than the usual. They’re designers, and they’re bored with Lorem Ipsum. DYP loves swearing, so we love this!

Lorem Ipsum
Alternative Lorem Ipsum from loremfuckingipsum.com

So if you need some text to see what your layout will look like, this will do the job.  Just make sure you replace it before sending it to print!

Mind you, we don’t edit out the sweary.   In fact  DYP loves swearing.  If you do too, we’ve got a great selection of cards, and some are super sweary.

Cunty Wanky Bollocks Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing! Holy Shit It's Twins Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing! Remember what you are! Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing! Happy Birthday Bollock chops Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing!

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Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Whooooo! I made it to three years! DYP has been in business for that long!

As a massive thank you for all of your wonderful support for all things sweary I’m giving you guys 15% off of everything on the store until October 23rd.

Just Pop Happi3 in the promotion box at the checkout to automatically get 15% off your entire order. (Postage not included)

If you saw my previous Vlog you’ll see that I mentioned a competition that I’ll be running. I want you guys to share your most craziest combination of filthy swear words that make you piss your pants laughing. Things like ‘wankstain’, ‘Sharkbastard’, ‘moudly fuckhole’ – you know words that you use to shout at other people when driving, or what you think of a co-worker!

The best ones will be put to vote on the Facebook page of DYP, you guys can choose the best one and it will be made into a card and printed and posted to you. It will also go live on the website for sale. So what you waiting for? Getting cracking! Either leave your choices here in the comments or head to Facebook and twitter and share the fuck out of this post so you can win!

I really want to say a massive thank you to you guys for being such amazing fucking people who have supported me and keep me aiming to create new and even more outrageously rude filth!

Bec x





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In poor taste, pornographic and foul language

derriere greetings card

In poor taste, pornographic and foul language were how my range of cards were described recently. Of course they are, they border sexually inappropriate, are full of profanity and are designed to make people with a particular sense of humour, laugh. Are they intended to cause offence, humiliate or belittle people? No, they are purely intended for fun and laughter. If you are offended then you maybe need to go visit a lovely card shop and you know what? That is ok because that is what is brilliant about the world we live in. CHOICE.


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The 100 Days Project up to day 29

camel toe cards

The 100 Days project up to day 29 has been a really great experience, one where I’ve explored hundreds of rude and vulgar swear words, discovered the etymology of these words and then rewrote them to have a humorous slant. The idea was to create a body of work that would eventually be tweaked then put into production as greetings card, prints and t-shirts.


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What stops you from buying at an online shop?

Father's Day greetings card

What stops you from buying at an online shop? Well it is a question I’ve asked myself quite a lot recently, since I’ve wanted to understand shopping habits of my customers. I have access to the information of customer click-through from my own sites, to understand how customers experience and use my shop. Which is very useful information and helps me try to improve my shop and make it easier for you to use.

The part I can’t work out is how it makes you feel – I want you to have an amazing experience and of course purchase outrageously naughty cards. (I know my work makes many of of you chuckle!)

I’ve read an awful lot about buying online and of ways to entice your customers, improve traffic and sales but it all feels wrong. I don’t want to bombard you with lots of messages, promotions, sales and gimmicks because I don’t want to experience that myself when I’m shopping online.

I get frustrated when I come to a new site and I’m met with pop-ups every twenty seconds, where sites seem to offer perpetual discounts. It devalues your product and makes me feel like you don’t value me as a customer. The biggest culprit for this is Gap, I love their clothes but I now refuse to buy anything at full price because there is likely to be a sale on in a couple of weeks time. My argument is that if they made their products lower in price in the first place, would they need to keep offering discounts to gain more customers?

As a small business it’s quite difficult to offer sales as every penny counts but I also understand we love to feel that we’re getting our moneys worth too. It’s very tempting to offer sales and discounts but really are we just kidding ourselves?

It seems a lot of the online business advice wants shops to push towards these gimmicks and yet I bet they’re equally frustrated when they visit sites that do this back. Frustration is not an emotion I want you to experience when shopping with me, I want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible, so I’ve stripped it back and made it as simple as I could. (Though website building is not my forte! Remember I’m just a printer!) Yes I offer an incentive to sign up to the newsletter, where you can get 5% off of your order and I also have a pop up to share DYP via social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I would love you to share my work with your friends and family, I wouldn’t be able to do this job without so many of you supporting me. But I also understand that it’s a massive ask on the part of your visitor and impedes your online shopping experience. I’ve tried to use plugins to let customers sign in from social media, or to integrate my shop within Facebook for example. Though if I’m honest I felt they were gimmicky and causes further dilution of the excitement of using the shop – another barrier to enjoying being online.

Do I have the answer? No not yet, I’m still relatively new to this and so I’m just blogging about my findings and musings about online shopping. I use a lot of my own gut instinct but I won’t lie that there are times it feels like I’m shouting into a void of noise known as the internet! The hardest part is trying to get awareness and raise my brand so that people find me. I don’t have a massive marketing budget, in fact it’s incredibly tiny and so that is why I find myself spending hours scheduling posts, or reading up on marketing so that I can find my audience.

So what does stop me purchasing online? Hidden postage charges, added taxes, page after page of checkout processes and pop ups. All of these things I’ve tried to address as best as I could with what I have available to me through my Shopify theme. Postage for example, is determined on the price of your shopping cart and country, as opposed to weight. I don’t add extra charges in and I limited the number of check out pages. Hopefully these things help make the experience smoother.

Ultimately though, you have to like what you’re buying and I need to be fulfilling a need you as the customer have, otherwise you wouldn’t have found me in the first place! So that feeds back into brand awareness and people being able to see you…I think I’m going to be some time at this game yet or win the lottery to have a larger marketing budget to gain a wider audience!

So on that note I shall go and mull some more!



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The Christmas countdown begins…

tinsel tits cards


So we’ve had Bonfire night (a brilliant British tradition) and Halloween and now the next major event on my calendar is: Mix up Sunday!

Here in my house we traditionally use the last Sunday of November (known as mix up Sunday) to make all of our Christmas goodies like Christmas pudding, cakes, sauces, biscuits. (It gets frozen where needed!)


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