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Trust a Poet – If a good insult is what you need!


Trust a poet if a good insult is what you need!

Want to know how to really insult someone? If a good swear is what you need, trust a poet to come up with the goods.   Say what?  Yeah, well it has to be the right poet obviously.

Back in the day, John Cooper Clark was your go-to insult monger.  And his poem “Twat” is a classic.  He may not be from Yorkshire, but we love him, and his swears !  Next time someone needs a good telling, you know where to turn.

We never knowingly turn away from a curse.   A good swear is sometimes what you need.  Even when you don’t mean it.   DYP have a fine line in potty-mouth, all with the best possible intentions!   We’ve printed the old favourites.  We’ve learnt some new ones from our customers.  We’ve made some up.  Here’s some of our- and your- favourites:

insult insult insult insult insult insult HB_Cuntface_large HB_dickhead_1024x1024

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Happy Birthday You Fabulous Fucker

Happy Birthday You Fabulous Fucker

This is by far one of my favourite birthday cards and is one of my best sellers. I love it when I get to print the messages on the inside because you guys absolutely love this card and I often imagine you’re laughing when you’re ordering!

I decided a while back that I would create cards that would shock but also make you laugh and since then I’ve gone from strength to strength. Of course I’ve had ups and downs and had to adapt to censorship but then I thought ‘fuck it’, people love swearing and those who don’t, well they’re not my customer!’

The etymology of the word ‘Fuck’ is quite interesting as it was often omitted from the early dictionaries when they were being compiled. Even Johnson left out this fruity word! It was even an offence to have it published according to the Obscene language act of 1857! A germanic and Dutch word ‘fikken’ – it means to copulate.

So here we have ‘Happy Birthday Fabulous Fucker’ – I bet you know several fab fuckers who’s birthday it is and who I bet you’d know who you can send this to! You can have any message printed to the inside of your card and I also post cards onto recipients. You can even have your card personalised with your choice of words.

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Bec x

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