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Victorian Vulgarities and What You Can Do With Them

Victorian vulgarities and what you can do with them.

Bloody Hell!

If George Bernard Shaw felt needed extra publicity he could have done worse than to swear.  Whether he did it for the publicity or not we’ll never know.  But audiences were horrified (and delighted) when Eliza Doolittle cried out “Not Bloody Likely”.  Pygmalion (or My Fair Lady as it became on the screen) is all about language of course.  There’s Henry Higgins, an eminent member of the respectable class.  And Eliza, as low as low can get.  And Henry has to prove that he can pass her off as a lady.

“Walk! Not bloody likely.  I am going in a taxi.”

There, in one exclamation, we have Higgins’ problem.  You can take the flower girl out of the East End.  But you can’t take the East End out of the flower girl.

Victorian Vulgarities

When the play was first performed in 1914, the audience reportedly went very quiet.  And then roared with laughter for a full minute.  A few “Decency” campaigns protested over it.  (We hate to think what they’d think of us)  But nothing really came of it.  Bloody was a bad word, but not a very bad word.

Common as Muck

And it’s been this way for most of it’s history.  During the 1700s, it was even acceptable in children’s literature. It had a spell in the first half of the 19th century, when it was a bit unspeakable.  But mostly, it’s just been seen as coarse rather than truly bad.  Something associated with the lower classes.   The lower classes of course lacking in wherewithal to speak “properly”.

In 1888, the Oxford English Dictionary listed bloody as “constantly in the mouths of the lowest classes, but by respectable people considered a ‘horrid word’…”   The same edition did not include other horrid words also in common use such as bugger, fuck or cunt.

Expand Your Vocabulary

If like us, you’re from the lower classes, you may need your vocabulary expanding.  So we have done our research.  We can now present you with our quick guide to Victorian vulgarities.  And be warned, they are very rude!

And should you wish to share this around, you madam, you sir, are a muffin walloper! *

Victorian vulgarities


* A gossip

**We have been enjoying reading  “Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing by Melissa Mohr; The Strange World of Victorian Slang by Patrick Chapman and 1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose.  All available on a well known internet shopping site, the latter being £0.00 !


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A Short History of Saucy Postcards

Fancy a piece of rock, cock?

Saucy postcards were all the rage back in the mid 20th Century.  They might have gone out of fashion, but we’re carrying on the tradition!

Here at DYP we like to think we’re original.  But we’re not the first to produce risqué cards.  Some of them were pretty awful.  But we admire the stand they took against uptight politicians.

Saucy Postcards

Postcards first became popular at the end of the Nineteenth Century.  The Post Office gave permission for them to be sent through the post.  And it wasn’t long before they started getting a bit racy.  By the 1930s saucy postcards at the seaside became all the rage.  Cartoons featuring stereotyped characters – the fat vicar, the drunk, the “henpecked” husband – were mixed with a liberal smattering of bawdy innuendo.

The suggestive captions never quite spelt out sex.  But it was usually implied.  And the cruder they were, the more popular.  During the 1930s they sold at a rate of knots.  16 million cards were sold a year.

Various companies produced them, with numerous cartoonist working on them.  But the biggest name was Donald McGill.  His postcards were the most popular.  And they remain the most popular as collectors’ items too.

Donald McGill

Donald McGill was born into a straight-laced “respectable” Victorian family.  At 32 years of age, he gave up a secure job to start his career as saucy postcard artist.  He continued to work til his death at 87 years.  Throughout his career, he had to fight of not only the disapproval of his family, but the law.

Saucy postcards

During the 50s the newly elected Conservative government made a stand.  They believed that these cards were so outrageous, they were undermining the moral fibre of the country.  They were determined to stamp out such obscenity.  The 1857 Obscenity Act was called upon.  Shops were raided and closed down.  Artists were arrested and tried.  They almost broke the postcard industry.  In 1954 McGill was subjected to a show trial and sentenced with a huge fine.

In 1960s government relaxed a little bit, and the postcard industry recovered.  But through the 70s and 80s, the quality of art work deteriorated.  Changing attitudes meant that people weren’t so keen on the stereotypes and sexism.  The cards saw a decline in popularity.  McGill never made a lot of money from his art.  Perhaps because he kept getting fined?

Its funny to look back on those cards and think they caused such outrage.  We’re sure we’d be up in court too if we went back to the 50s.  Society seems to realise that morals aren’t undermined by a bit of cheeky.  And aren’t we glad of that!


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In poor taste, pornographic and foul language

derriere greetings card

In poor taste, pornographic and foul language were how my range of cards were described recently. Of course they are, they border sexually inappropriate, are full of profanity and are designed to make people with a particular sense of humour, laugh. Are they intended to cause offence, humiliate or belittle people? No, they are purely intended for fun and laughter. If you are offended then you maybe need to go visit a lovely card shop and you know what? That is ok because that is what is brilliant about the world we live in. CHOICE.


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The 100 Days Project up to day 29

camel toe cards

The 100 Days project up to day 29 has been a really great experience, one where I’ve explored hundreds of rude and vulgar swear words, discovered the etymology of these words and then rewrote them to have a humorous slant. The idea was to create a body of work that would eventually be tweaked then put into production as greetings card, prints and t-shirts.


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Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell

HB slack twat cards

Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell are only available to buy here at the DYP shop. You’ll find some of the naughtiest of the cards with words that are pretty outrageous and explicit but we know you’ll love them!

For a long time I tried to find greetings cards that were not slushy, or twee. That wasn’t embellished with glitter and had teddy bears or words of vomit inducing poetry plastered over them. So I decided to create my own work, to fit with people who I knew felt the same about cards. They wanted explicit greetings that made them giggle, be shocked and proper belly laugh.


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Sometimes less is more

HB sexy fucker star cards

For a while now many customers have asked whether I offered a censored version of the profanity cards because the person receiving the card might have small children who they don’t want to view the language or that they love profanity but not in such a blatant in your face way.

I always strive to give the best customer service experience because I want you to come back and continue to buy with me and share a few laughs. So for the cards that have profanity, there is now an option to purchase the card with a star over selected letters.

I really hope you enjoy them and please feel free to get in touch if you have a funny family saying that you’d love to see on a card. No request is too strange!

Here are some fabulous examples of the censored range.


Bec x



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Happy Valentines Big Balls

Valentines Big Balls cards

This card always makes me chuckle, and after being such a success over Christmas this is the Valentines incarnation, as requested by you guys.

As usual, this card can be personalised, posted anywhere (except the moon) and also I offer an express delivery service. All can be found here on Not on the High Street.


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Happy Fucking Valentines

Valentines day cards

In the coming weeks I’m going to be sharing the rather cheeky and straight up Valentines offerings for 2015.

So have a butchers here at this straight to the point Valentines Card! Says it all really!

Happy Fucking Valentines

Digitally printed onto 400gsm luxury stock, I can personalise this card and post it out to a recipient if you happen to live away from each other or in the same house or on a mountain. You catch my drift.

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Valentines 2015

HFV star greetings

We’re well into the New Year now and coming fast up to one of my most favourite times of the year: Valentines. It’s a great time because I get to be involved in your Valentines, be it you choosing a cheeky card or wanting a personal message printed for a special loved one.

I also happen to love this time of year because it’s beautiful to see so many of you sharing your love, there’s also a lot of you who love to show the opposite too and of course, I accommodate both sides of love and hate!

This year I’m bringing to you a rather fabulous selection of Valentines cards that have the swearyness, the adult humour and the double entendres! You can have any message printed, and I also post out to a recipient, you just need to make sure you put your recipient’s address in the delivery details.

Lots of changes have happened here at DYP, I had to make some difficult decisions about how to go forward with printing. Mainly as my health has suffered in the past year; I had to make business decisions about how well DYP could run without me, who would letterpress print if I couldn’t? I’ve spent a long time agonising over what is the best thing to do and so I arrived at a compromise.

DYP will still print limited edition letterpress print runs and one off commissions but as a whole I’ve moved my business over to printing digitally on demand. Using some stunning wood block fonts, beautiful colours, lots of new swear words and some fabulous new paper stock. Also I had lots of requests to offer a censored card range, so that is available for the cards that are a bit more colourful with the language! The great thing about a new direction as well, is that I’m able to offer a faster delivery service with express delivery options, printed personalisation and still give you all a fabulous luxury card range.

You can find the new range of cards over at Not on the High Street.

I am so incredibly proud of the new work for Valentines 2015 and I really hope you guys love it too!

Bec x


HV cum faces HV cunning linguist

HV big tits HV Big Balls


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