Summer Sale Now on With 30% Off.

Summer Sale

We’ve got a summer sale on now with 30% off until the 1st August.

Oh boy oh boy, has it been busy round here.  You guys loved our Fathers’ Day cards so much, we’ve barely slept this month!   Just enough time to raise our noses from the grindstone, and suddenly it’s summer.  Time to kick off the flip flops (wellies).  Time to pour the gin and tonics.  Relax by the pool (well, puddle).  And … time for our big bonanza summer sale.

Use the code SUMMER16 at checkout to get 30% off til 1st August.

Summer SaleYes, it’s summer sale time and we’re feeling generous.  We’ve had our extra large G & Ts, and it’s a whole 30%.

‘Scuse us while we get back to the sun lounger.  Ahem…well, maybe not today.  And maybe not actually outdoors.  Summer is officially here though, so we’re told.  Hurry hurry, and stock up on cards.

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