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Whoop! Whoop! Exciting news here! To celebrate our new shop launch go and grab a 5% discount when you login into the new shop with the pop up coupon. You can share and like our shop and blog (which would be lovely thank you!) The catch? There isn’t one, simply use the Facebook prompt on the shop to sign in. You’ll be given a code and off you go! It’s really that simple! (Just remember to allow any pop filters permission from DYP otherwise you will miss the offer.) The code is: 5%OFF, so just pop it in at the checkout.


Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell

HB slack twat cards

Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell are only available to buy here at the DYP shop. You’ll find some of the naughtiest of the cards with words that are pretty outrageous and explicit but we know you’ll love them!

For a long time I tried to find greetings cards that were not slushy, or twee. That wasn’t embellished with glitter and had teddy bears or words of vomit inducing poetry plastered over them. So I decided to create my own work, to fit with people who I knew felt the same about cards. They wanted explicit greetings that made them giggle, be shocked and proper belly laugh.


Social Media is Bloody Difficult!

Social Media Cards

Social Media is bloody difficult but it has become this year’s business challenge that I needed to look more closely at. To blog more, to connect with my customers in a meaningful way, and generally get a grasp on this social interaction milarky. I’m fairly busy running DYP so I confess that blogging has always seemed a bit of a chore because it’s not instant, it needs developing and nurturing.


DYP on Etsy and Folksy

Etsy and Folksy cock cards

DYP on Etsy and Folksy! Exciting news! In order to give you guys the most options to be able to purchase our fab products, you can now find DYP on Etsy and Folksy. They are brilliant marketplaces where you can find lots of amazing products that are hand produced. It’s a thriving community that encourages kitchen top businesses, with which some of these have grown into huge companies.There you can find the Etsy DYP shop and the Folksy DYP shop and you can use Paypal to purchase your naughty products and still receive outstanding customer service!

If you see any cards that you would love to have personalised, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can print any saying or phrase. Just use our contact page and we’ll do the rest!

You can also visit the DYP shop too, where you can find the full collection of outrageously rude greetings cards! There you’ll discover our entire range of very naughty and rude offerings that are not for the faint hearted! We love a bit of filth and we think Valentines day is one of the best holidays to celebrate lots of innuendo, tongue in cheek naughty fun!

Have a look to view the current Valentine’s range and if you like what you see, then don’t forget to like or even share! We’ll love you even more! (No tongues though!) #valentines2015




I hate you valentine greetings card

I hate you valentines greetings card

I hate you valentine greetings card is perfect for you miserable folk who hate all things slushy. Lots of you get a bit fed up as the 14th of February rushes towards us like a runaway train, bombarding you with lots of messages of love,slush and goo…

Alternative Valentines is rapidly becoming quite a large movement of people who don’t want to send poems and letters of love. So a ‘I hate you valentine greetings card’ is perfect for those of you who hate Valentines! Quite a lot of you love the sweary options for Valentines and that too has become an alternative from the fluffy teddy bears and twee greetings cards.

So here is an alternative for those of you who may want to send a Valentines to a frenemy or your loved one who you do hate or don’t hate – depends on your humour. Let’s celebrate with an anti Valentines and rebel against tradition!

This card is no longer available but don’t worry, there’s always next Valentines!

Instead you can find lots of outrageously rude and naughty greetings cards over at the DYP shop

Happy Valentines You One Eyed Wonder Muscle!

Eyed Wonder Muscle Cards

Happy Valentines You One Eyed Wonder Muscle! Is in theme of the double entendres and innuendos, a perfect card for hiding a double meaning! Who is your one eyed wonder muscle? I bet you have someone in mind!

Working with GF Smith Papers, the stock for the new range of cards is now a whooping 400gsm luxury stock that makes the colour really pop! You can still have your cards personalised with your own messages and have your card posted onto a recipient. My aim is to offer you guys the best customer service experience and give you funny luxury greetings cards. Also we offer a censored version of our cards, though in this case we don’t think you need to have this card censored!

Head over to Not on the High Street to find this and many more fabulous Valentines cards. Find even more cards over on the DYP shop where you can view the entire collection of our work.

Bec x

Sometimes less is more

HB sexy fucker star cards

For a while now many customers have asked whether I offered a censored version of the profanity cards because the person receiving the card might have small children who they don’t want to view the language or that they love profanity but not in such a blatant in your face way.

I always strive to give the best customer service experience because I want you to come back and continue to buy with me and share a few laughs. So for the cards that have profanity, there is now an option to purchase the card with a star over selected letters.

I really hope you enjoy them and please feel free to get in touch if you have a funny family saying that you’d love to see on a card. No request is too strange!

Here are some fabulous examples of the censored range.


Bec x



I love your Bacon

New DYP cards

Seriously who does not love some bacon! 😉

This is a great card for all fans of bacon and is perfect for Valentines day! You can find this cheeky card here at Not on the High Street and it can be personalised and posted out to your chosen recipient, possibly with some chocolate coated bacon or bacon sauce or bacon sweets…