Football Fan or Football Widow ?


Football Fanatic or Football Widow?

Its UEFA … bla bla bla football.  Or not.  Are you a football fan or widow?  Like it or not, this month’s gonna be all about the beautiful game.   If you love it, you’re gonna be in heaven.  If not, well ……

HFD Blah Football

“What time does the tourna…match… Euro thing start, football, rugby, whatever…  What is it? What time?”

This Saturday overheard conversations in our city centre were all football.  Enthusiasts explaining it to their other-halves.  Other-halves not even pretending to be interested.

Here at DYP towers some of us we’re a bit split.  Some of us barely notice it’s happening, some of us know a lot more than we want  Some of us accidently got excited by the Wales V Slovakia match on Saturday afternoon.  But enthusiasm waned by the time it got to England V Russia.

We asked our soccer specialists for some help.  “Right well, the Euros are every four years between the World Cup.  They started in….”  Hang on, we don’t need that much information.  “But I like talking about football.”  Oh.

“I’ve waited 58 years for this”

So what we know is if you’re Welsh, you’ve had a stonking weekend.  And well deserved we might say. (That’s coming from the accidental spectator).  If you’re an England supporter, not so much.  Just a predictable draw.  Which is still much better than the action off the pitch.  But still not that great.  The must-win feel of these knockout stage prevails.  Northern Ireland are already joint bottom in their group.  The Republic of Ireland have got it tough in Group E, but have managed to hold on to a draw so far.  Football fans are nothing if not optimists.  Never say never.  Maybe this time …

“I have nothing against football.  It just seems very wasteful losing two hours of my life to wtch 22 millionaires on TV chasing a gag full of wind in their underwear.”  Guy Martin

And so for the widows.  Or widowers.  What are you all up to?  You don’t care, you can’t be bothered?  Or plain pissed off with it all?  Don’t despair, there’s plenty more to do out there. It’s summer afterall.  A festival, a BBQ, a night in a TV-less pub?  Anyone for tennis?  As for us, well, as always there’s gin and prosecco!

This kitchen Football


Moving home to our shoffice!

Moving home to our shoffice!

Shoffice time!!! Has finally happened!

For those of you who followed us on social media, you’ll see that I finally moved into my purpose built studio; it has two names one is the ‘smut of hut’ and the other is its official name ‘The Shoffice’ (or shed office for those who didn’t work it out!)


Lorem Fucking Ipsum – DYP loves swearing!

Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing!

Lorem Fucking Ipsum – DYP loves swearing! – And we know you do to!  And we’re in good company.  A design company has come up with some super swearing text especially for designers.

Have you ever looked at a website and seen a load of strange Latin text?  It doesn’t make sense.  What’s it all about?  Well it’s basically dummy text.  Or what designers know as “placeholder text”.  Designers use it to fill a page to see what the layout looks like.  Sometimes they forget to take it out.

The text designers us is called Lorem Ipsum.  The use of Lorem Ipsum text goes back 5 centuries, when it was used by the early printers.  The original Lorem Ipsum is an extract from 2000 year old classical Latin Literature.  The Extremes of Good and Evil by Cicero if you really want to know.

The original Lorem Ipsum goes like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Designers usually just cut and paste it from sources on the internet.  But they should be more careful.  Because some versions have little embarrassing bits of text hidden amongst the Latin.  Next time you find a web page with Lorem Ipsum, have a check through.  See if they unwittingly left in some cheekiness.

So where’s the swearing you ask?  We thought DYP loves swearing?

Well, there’s this. It’s “Placeholder text for people who have some fucking passion!” It’s designed by who have created a new placeholder text generator. It’s a lot more interesting than the usual. They’re designers, and they’re bored with Lorem Ipsum. DYP loves swearing, so we love this!

Lorem Ipsum
Alternative Lorem Ipsum from

So if you need some text to see what your layout will look like, this will do the job.  Just make sure you replace it before sending it to print!

Mind you, we don’t edit out the sweary.   In fact  DYP loves swearing.  If you do too, we’ve got a great selection of cards, and some are super sweary.

Cunty Wanky Bollocks Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing! Holy Shit It's Twins Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing! Remember what you are! Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing! Happy Birthday Bollock chops Lorem Fucking Ipsum - DYP loves swearing!

Dad You’re Bloody Marvellous – Father’s Day at DYP

Dad You’re Bloody Marvellous - Father's Day at DYP

Dad You’re Bloody Marvellous – Father’s Day at DYP

We never ‘ad Father’s Day in our day…..

Have you ever wondered where or why we even have a Father’s Day?

Here are ten things you never knew about Father’s Day:

  1. Father’s Day was first invented in the USA more than 100 years ago.
  2. There’s two stories about its origins, and they’re not even a marketing ploy! In 1908 360 men, 200 of them fathers, were killed in a mining accident in Fairmont, West Virginia.  Grace Golden Clayton wanted to honour her father and all the other fathers who had died, and with the help of her church, she organised a special Father’s Day.
  3. A couple of years later in 1910 Sonora Louise Smart campaigned for a special holiday to celebrate her own father – who had brought up his large family single handed after being widowed – and all other fathers.
  4. The idea was all rather low key though, and was ridiculed for being silly, undermining the machismo of men, and being nothing more than a commercial opportunity, until it was, ironically, taken up by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers in 1938, when it started to grow legs.
  5. But in 1966, President Lynton Johnson declared the third Sunday in June officially Father’s Day, and people began to take it more seriously as a way of celebrating the role of dad.
  6. By the late 1970s it had started to become popular in the UK, and has been growing ever since, though it’s still not as popular as Mother’s Day.
  7. Not all countries celebrate Father’s Day at the same time of year. In Australia it’s celebrated in September, on the first day of Spring.
  8. In Brazil the second Sunday in August is Father’s Day, in honour of Saint Joachim, father of Mary.
  9. In Germany, Father’s Day is traditionally celebrated with hiking and camping that are basically an excuse for a big piss-up.
  10. In Thailand fathers are celebrated on the birthday of popular King Bhumibol Adulyadej

However, wherever and whenever it’s celebrated, it’s all about honouring fathers.  So for all the time they’ve bailed you out, driven you home, fixed your bike, mopped your tears, and paid off your debts, lets raise a glass or three to our dads!

So celebrate your pops! –  Dad You’re Bloody Marvellous – Father’s Day at DYP

Check out our rather splendid and cheeky collection of Father’s Day cards over at Do You Punctuate?  And celebrate your Dad with our cheeky and fun greetings cards!

Valentines at DYP

Valentines Wine greetings

Valentines at DYP is well underway now and I can’t wait to share with you the fabulous new work I’ve been designing and the filthy words that you guys so dearly love!

I love Valentines, not because of the slushy romance stuff but because of the celebration of all relationships, friendships – basically all the love we share and give. Lot’s of you love to send cards that are not romantic, I concur as I bloody hate all of that slushy red roses, teddy bear shit that other companies seem to think as a woman I just simple adore.

Nope – I hate that stuff and a lot of you do too. So with that in mind, I always aim to please and so I’ve got a bloody smashing collection of work that I’m really proud of that is straight talking and funny.

Check it out over on the shop and find your cheeky Valentines, don’t forget we personalise all of our cards to fit with any funny sayings you might have. You can also find an exclusive range of cards over at Not on the High Street

Don’t forget you can follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram

So check out Valentines at DYP and we dare you to send the cheekiest of greetings cards!


DYP Won A Business Award!

ESpark Entrepreneurial awards

DYP Won A Business Award! I won the Entrepreneurial award in the Accelr8 category, at the Espark business accelerator that is sponsored by Natwest and KPMG; I’ve pretty much worked my socks off to really grow and accelerate DYP in the past six months. (see what I did there?)

My hard work has paid off but there’s no stopping now, as in the next six months I am planning on growing my business even more, so that I can move into my Garden Office, employ two more members of staff and expand my reach into other outlets and trade sales.

I can’t begin to explain to you how excited I am, and if you want to really grow as a person, personally and business-wise then apply to the Entrepreneurial Spark  and I promise you won’t look back. It’s not easy and by no means a short cut to fast tracking your business but it will help you find who you are, help you to understand if your business is a good idea and how to lay proper foundations to help sustain your business as it grows and develops.

Did I imagine that 6 months ago I would be talking to you about this? Not at all, I hate business talk and the language that is used is often confusing and actually a lot of hot air. My degree isn’t in business but rather design so I need to be spoken to in a straight forward way without jargon. ESpark (even with it’s interesting choice of wordings at times!) has been great for helping break down what can be often challenging terms and helping you apply it to your business.

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to achieve most of this without the guidance of my enabler Melinda. Who bless her, has to deal with my ramblings and help me focus my crazy thought processes. This might resonate with many self employed people who work alone; I find it really lonely at times working by myself, so it’s almost like I save my words up and when I meet another adult I just let all my words fall out! It’s like a dam bursts forth! I promise I working on it and I’m finding talking to myself helps 😉

Actually the whole Leeds ESpark team are pretty bloody awesome – so a big thanks guys 🙂

I also happen to have made friends with a great bunch of people who are on the same journey. It might sound a bit happy clappy but these people know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, how emotionally draining it is, your time is spent focusing on an idea that needs nurturing but you might not have that support in your regular life. These guys have been as just an important part of the journey too and have really made Espark a brilliant experience.

So yes, DYP Won A Business Award! Of £6000 in the Acceler8 category!!! As I mentioned above this is going towards the building of my garden office. I’ll update you about it in another blog post. Suffice to say I am literally bouncing with excitement and I want it to all start right now but good plans take time to lay and I’m still planning the most cost effective way to build it and the logistics of moving!

The lovely ladies in the photos are Louise from Love to Eat who is setting up Brownie Mail and Emily falcus from Bow Baskets. Check them out -they’re awesome!

Bec x


DYP Won a Business award!
Business Award Cheque
DYP won a business award!
DYP Business Celebration



Happy New Year! It’s going to be a brilliant one!

kinky pink Cards

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a brilliant one! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and you’re well rested and ready for 2016 awesomeness! It’s been absolutely manic here and I love it! I can never thank my customers enough for being totally brilliant in their continued support and without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do this. But enough of that slushy shit!

Here are a sneaky peek at some of the Valentine’s cards that are available on DYP which is currently running a 25% off sale. You just need to bob the code: HYN25% in at the check out box to get your discount. I won’t tell if you don’t that you bought your Valentines in the sale. 🙂

DYP 25% OFF SALE    Use code: HYN25%

If you need filthy fun or cheeky sayings then don’t hesitate to get in touch. That’s what’s so great about this job is that I can offer a brilliant personalised service so you can crack your recipients up when they receive their card!

What are you plans for the New Year? I’ve decided to be create more filth, more funnies and bring you new products that are going to wow your socks off! I’m also looking at expanding into new premises, DYP has become a beast that can’t be contained in one room anymore, so exciting plans are afoot!

So on that note, don’t forget to head over to DYP for the sales and use your code! HYN25% at the checkout.

Have a marvellous New Year and once again thank you for being totally fucking epic!

Bec 🙂





Happy Birthday You Fabulous Fucker

Happy Birthday You Fabulous Fucker

This is by far one of my favourite birthday cards and is one of my best sellers. I love it when I get to print the messages on the inside because you guys absolutely love this card and I often imagine you’re laughing when you’re ordering!

I decided a while back that I would create cards that would shock but also make you laugh and since then I’ve gone from strength to strength. Of course I’ve had ups and downs and had to adapt to censorship but then I thought ‘fuck it’, people love swearing and those who don’t, well they’re not my customer!’

The etymology of the word ‘Fuck’ is quite interesting as it was often omitted from the early dictionaries when they were being compiled. Even Johnson left out this fruity word! It was even an offence to have it published according to the Obscene language act of 1857! A germanic and Dutch word ‘fikken’ – it means to copulate.

So here we have ‘Happy Birthday Fabulous Fucker’ – I bet you know several fab fuckers who’s birthday it is and who I bet you’d know who you can send this to! You can have any message printed to the inside of your card and I also post cards onto recipients. You can even have your card personalised with your choice of words.

Find this card here at the shop

Bec x

fab fucker Cards

Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Whooooo! I made it to three years! DYP has been in business for that long!

As a massive thank you for all of your wonderful support for all things sweary I’m giving you guys 15% off of everything on the store until October 23rd.

Just Pop Happi3 in the promotion box at the checkout to automatically get 15% off your entire order. (Postage not included)

If you saw my previous Vlog you’ll see that I mentioned a competition that I’ll be running. I want you guys to share your most craziest combination of filthy swear words that make you piss your pants laughing. Things like ‘wankstain’, ‘Sharkbastard’, ‘moudly fuckhole’ – you know words that you use to shout at other people when driving, or what you think of a co-worker!

The best ones will be put to vote on the Facebook page of DYP, you guys can choose the best one and it will be made into a card and printed and posted to you. It will also go live on the website for sale. So what you waiting for? Getting cracking! Either leave your choices here in the comments or head to Facebook and twitter and share the fuck out of this post so you can win!

I really want to say a massive thank you to you guys for being such amazing fucking people who have supported me and keep me aiming to create new and even more outrageously rude filth!

Bec x