Open for business


So we’re open and up and running for business, albeit a little late and probably with a couple of hiccups but we finally got here. If you’re new to this version of the site, then check out the top links that briefly explain about the research and my MA projects. I’m still updating and as this in an ongoing project/sketchbook/blog it will evolve and change.

Please can you fill in a questionnaire?  I would be greatly appreciative of your opinions and at some point soon I’ll have the data analysed and in some order to visually present.

Many thanks for taking the time to look.


Rylands visit today

For the main MA project: What is punctuation? I’ve been reading at Rylands library in Manchester, I’ve been a few times now and each time I could happily move in and just read there. (Probably be the perfect job actually! Surrounded by books all day long!)

So, today was about reading up on punctuational usage in bibles. I’ve already spoken to the specialist who deals with religious texts and she was quite adamant that I wouldn’t find much of a difference in the past two hundreds, or even since 1611, when the standardised King James bible was created.

However, she was wrong. I’ve been reading so much stuff that I have religious scripture ingrained into my eyeballs (which isn’t pleasant I assure you.) I have collected quite a lot of data that actually backs up what I’m trying to understand. In particular, putting marks in wrong places and how that changes the entire context of a sentace or a passage.

So, I’m sifting my way through what I have and thinking about how I’m going to bring all of this back into a typographic piece, relevant to the subject, able to appeal to my audience and so forth. I have still to hear back from my Focus group, though I think that has fallen by the wayside now. Hopefully, I have enough data to pull off what I set out to do for semester two.

On a completely unrelated note, this website was posted from twitter. A lovely font editor, created by Fontshop, it lets you create your own fonts using ‘bricks’ and upload them to share with others. Enjoy!


The beginning…

Welcome, I hope you find the site easy to use and fairly straight forward. I wanted to keep the whole look and use very simple, though hopefully not boring! As I get used to this website milarky I’ll improve upon the look and layout, though it might take a while to master!

I’m still not ready to fly ‘live’ yet, tweaks and changes and generally being picky, but I’m hoping that I’ll be ready after the Easter Hols and flooding everyone’s email with a request for help to gather data!

Please feel free to contact me if you have a suggestion or stumble upon any punctuation related information, I’ll gladly pop it up here and add a comment.