Non Religious Easter Greetings Cards – sounds completely ironic doesn’t it? Being a non religious person but living in a country that has lots of religious festivals and Bank Holidays, it’s quite difficult to avoid them. However, I do quite enjoy the gathering of friends and family for an Easter Sunday feast! I love the rustle and garish foil covered chocolate eggs. I guess I really enjoy the pagan side of the festival as apposed to the Christian side of things. And that’s ok.

So with that in mind, I’ve created three cards based on chocolate consumption and the dreaded lactose intolerance! I’m allergic to all dairy products but I still pop a antihistamine and devour a dairy milk egg; I think chocolate in an egg shape tastes better than in a regular bar! And as I’m a sucker for tat I also love the mugs, egg cups and other bits of paraphernalia you get at this time of year. Plus when I can convince my kid to get involved, we paint eggs and do an egg hunt! Though I think there might be several mouldy eggs from previous years lurking in the garden!

I also send out cards to some friends who are religious because well, it’s a lovely thing to do and for the most they really love that I’ve taken the time and effort to think of them and their beliefs. So this Easter, I thought to extend that to sharing cards with my non religious friends because I’m all for mixing shit up and actually there is something lovely about receiving a card unexpectedly. Do I think it can become like Christmas? I’d love it to be as successful as Christmas but actually I also like that it’s quite an unexpected thing to do to.

So here you are: Three new Non religious Easter Greetings Cards that are rude, outrageously cheeky and straight talking! Would we give you anything less?

All are £2.99 with 95p postage to All UK addresses including highlands and Channel Island addresses. Find your Non Religious Easter greetings cards here at the DYP shop.

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