Shoffice time!!! Has finally happened!

For those of you who followed us on social media, you’ll see that I finally moved into my purpose built studio; it has two names one is the ‘smut of hut’ and the other is its official name ‘The Shoffice’ (or shed office for those who didn’t work it out!)

Since DYP was split across several rooms of my house, it made sense to bring it all together under one roof. So the hunt for a studio began way back at the beginning of the year. I’d won the acceler8 awards with Entrepreneurial Spark for accelerating my business and I knew the money would go towards building something.

Eventually we found a brilliant builder called Ken who showed me his pod that he had built and talked me through the options of what I could do and the type of budget we were talking about. Meanwhile, I also compared looking at regular sheds that we could insulate ourselves but very quickly came away from that idea due to several reasons. The first being that we needed to control humidity in the shoffice because the paper would curl and the machinery we’re running needs to be kept at a regular temperature. I also toyed with bringing in the letterpress printing presses but decided against that and they now live in the house! This was mainly due to humidity as well.

From start to finish it took about 3 weeks to complete the whole build, the shoffice is a wood structure built from scratch with a prefabricated roof. We have 4 levels of insulation and it is so warm and cozy! Outside is cladded with cedar and when it rains the smell is gorgeous! We protected the wood to stop it fading with UV varnish – so it’s almost like suncream for wood!

I can’t begin to explain to you how it feels to have the business all in one place, though I suspect that within a year I’ll be moving out to bigger premises as I’m already looking to expand my team in the coming year.

Have a look through the gallery at the journey of the shoffice and leave a comment if you liked this post. 😉


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