I love my job, it’s brilliant and fantastic and challenging. I also love photography and for a while now I’ve often taken photos of my working progress whilst I’m printing. I love to show my progress as that’s an interesting insight into how I work and the processes involved to produce the work I do. Often I’m asked why I can’t produce work faster, well I don’t have an auto feeder press, my press is driven by foot power and she is quite a temperamental  madam at times!

However, I also love to photograph my wooden and metal blocks, I have a lot of them and I catalogue them but of recent I’ve been puttong them together to create a series of postcards and prints. Also I’m looking at offering them as a digital download for screen savers to desktops/mobile backgrounds and so forth.

So would you be interested in buying my photos of my printing blocks? Do you like the idea of a collection of postcards that are framed or large prints for you to frame and hang yourself? I already use some of my block photos as screen savers and background wallpapers, and I’ve been exploring having framed prints made up to post out.

Let me know your thoughts as I;m really excited about this slight change of direction.



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