Thanks for visiting our about page. You’ll find in the drop down menu a list of stuff which is about us and where we sell and how to get in touch if you want to. (We love people getting in touch!)

You’ll also find through this website loads of profanity, swearing, and rude words. If you’re easily offended for that we’re truly sorry we caused you distress but we love swear words and to be frank, it pays the bills! We also print stuff that isn’t sweary and if you’d like something printed without being embellished with sailor profanity then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us via the contact page or by emailing hello (at)

If you’d like to know more about how DYP was started, then you’ll find that on the Punctuation page. If you’d like a profound story of hardship and printing struggle, well there isn’t one. We bought a press, have restored it and found a niche to make funny and sweary cards that fit in with our sense of humour and wit. We are passionate about letterpress printing but we are also passionate about providing super amazing high quality products that make at least one person a day smile.

So there you have it! Drop us a line and we might get together for a pint or a pint of tea or a pint of gin; depends on your take on alcohol but for sure there will always be cake.


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