Today is International Day of Friendship.  We know you guys love to insult your mates, because we’ve seen the cards you’ve ordered!  But today is a day to appreciate friends.  And not just ones that have been with you for ever.  New ones too.

So what’s all this International Day thing all about then?  Not another excuse to sell cards to you.  Oh no, it’s far more profound than that.  (Well, that as well : ) )

Friendship Day goes way back to the 1920s, when, yeah, you guessed it, it was promoted by the Greetings Card Association of the USA!  But hang on …

World Wide Friendship

The idea of making it a worldwide thing came from a certain Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho of Paraguay.  In 1958 he and some mates set up the “World Friendship Crusade” to promote friendship amongst everyone, regardless of race, colour or religion.

The World Friendship Crusade lobbied the UN for a more than 50 years.  How’s that for stamina? Finally in 2011 the UN General Council recognised the 30th July as International Friendship Day.

Peace and Unity

The UN says that promoting “friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.”  See, it’s not all about cards!

The idea of the day is to hold events and activities that bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together in friendship.  Now we know you won’t have had time to organise anything like that – it being – erm – today, but you could invite your neighbour in for coffee, chat to the person sat next to you on the train, smile at a passerby.  Go on, make a new friend today.

And don’t forget your old friends too.  We love a curse, we love throwing around profundities, but we do it with love.  We love our friends!

Friendship Friendship Friendship

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