In poor taste, pornographic and foul language were how my range of cards were described recently. Of course they are, they border sexually inappropriate, are full of profanity and are designed to make people with a particular sense of humour, laugh. Are they intended to cause offence, humiliate or belittle people? No, they are purely intended for fun and laughter. If you are offended then you maybe need to go visit a lovely card shop and you know what? That is ok because that is what is brilliant about the world we live in. CHOICE.

I also think swearing and innuendos are the greatest part of being British. We’re often referred to as being prudish or a bit stiff but I assure you international people, that underneath our staid appearance, lies toilet humour and sexual double entendre’s galore! We love a bit of filth and you guys love sending the filth to your fellow filth lovers.

So about two months ago now, I noticed that some of my cards weren’t being approved to one of my outlets. It took a lot of nagging, badgering and contacting people I shouldn’t have needed to, to finally get an answer. I was told I was under review because I could have potentially violated the terms and conditions of the website that I sold on. With my cards being ‘In poor taste, pornographic & containing foul language’.

I was mortified because profanity and swearing greetings cards have rocketed my business. Plus I feel I’ve finally got my niche and somewhere to share my sense of humour; it’s obvious that there is a massive opportunity for this kind of work otherwise you guys wouldn’t buy it. Plus I have plans to really develop DYP and have more fabulous rude cards but also other merchandise.

Anyway, two weeks ago I had to remove 50 plus products from my range of cards because they were in ‘poor taste, pornographic and foul language.’ New Terms and conditions had been issued and there was no room for discussion, no working with me and other sellers to try work out what to do with all of the stock we have. Just bam! Removed and done. I was pretty fucked off if I’m completely honest, this is my livelihood and how I pay my bills. No I can’t buy an island in the sun or retire but this is my life. So despite asking nicely, arguing my case and explaining the story behind the cards of which again, (they are often based on commissions from you guys.) I was told that this was final and get on with it.

So I accepted I needed to move quickly and work out an entirely new range that would fit within the new rules. I am still allowed to swear, using words like shit or bloody but I can’t use obviously sexual rude words like ‘fuck, bellend or bitch.’ I can also use acronyms like ‘OMFG, PMSL, FTW, STFU’ and I can still create borderline sexual innuendo but as this is all a very subjective area, it’s a bit grey at the moment.

I can not lie that the past few weeks have been fraught, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, asked more questions than found answers but I am not giving up and I am still producing my entire works through my own shop. Unfortunately because I am a tiny business, I don’t have the knowledge and time to really grasp how to reach more people (though I try bloody damn hard via social media!)

I have designed a whole new range of cards that are more family friendly but still are cheeky, rude and sweary. You will always find ‘poor taste, foul language and porno reference’ here because for the most that is what I love doing. But if I’m to make my business grow in the main, I need to embrace other people and accept that as scared and fucked off as I was. Change is good and that’s ok. It’s what you do with the knowledge that shows how good you are at business and frankly I intended to be the fucking best.

Bec x

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