Happy Mothering Sunday from DYP! Wishing all the fab Mums, Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, Cousins, guardians, friends – all the amazing female awesome role models and hardworking ladies who are special in your life, a lovely and wonderful day.

Enjoy your day, ring your Mum up, give her a squeeze, tell her she’s fucking awesome – Mum’s love a phone call from their kids and judging from the amount of orders we’ve had at DYP, we know that they love swearing but they’ll love your amazing sense of humour at the rather rude cards you’ve all sent!

I shall be cooking a roast dinner for the family gathering, enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and reminding my own mother that I am in fact a bastard child. (I was born out of wedlock and I love to remind my mother of it!) My own mother gets very pissed off that I wind her up about how if we were born in another time, I’d be considered a bastard child and so I lovingly remind her of it. She does see the funny side…sometimes!

My own sprog; well he’s got a surprise for me but he had to build some Minecraft stuff first and for an 8 year old, that obviously comes first in his little world. Though we did do big fat squidges!

Sadly, I’m missing some of my most loved female family members, Mothering Sunday is not just about Mothers for us, we celebrate the positive influence that all our female relatives bring to our family (we do it for you blokes on Father’s day, so don’t feel left out!) So we also raise a glass to all the great ladies who are not with us anymore either. In particular my Nanna who I miss dearly but also my Mother in Law, who we may not have seen eye to eye but I really see that her not being here affects the husband deeply.

Anyway, enough with this fluffy bullshit, I’ve got something in my eye and there is a roast to start and a feast to enjoy! So where ever you are, whatever you’re doing – go and ring your mum now and tell her simply: I fucking love you Mum.

B x

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