Happy May the First! It’s a great time of year and with spring being a little late, the view from my studio window is a sleepy back garden stretching and waking up.



This week I’ve been experimenting with screen printing, not my usual area of print but as I’m starting to plan for Christmas it’s a new challenge. With several large events booked already for this year, I’m looking ahead to what customers mostly need from a paper stationer. In particular wrapping papers and cards. Also several retail outlets are asking for Christmas collections, it’s all a bit scary to be this organised to say the least!

So with organising in the air I’ve decided to sit and plan my entire year with deadlines for reaching stock. It’s quite refreshing to see how a year in work could pan out and it’s given me a really good indication of what customers will need in the next 12 months. It’s also not as scary as I thought it would be, and it’s given me a proverbial kick up the derriere!

blocking in a screen

Preparing a screen for Christmas wrapping paper


This planning has lead to me creating a marketing brochure that highlights my bespoke work and personalised collections. I love the internet and the fantastic opportunities it brings to showcase handcrafted skills. However, I love to see and touch, smell and experience something before I buy it and though a photography speaks a thousand words, at times it is difficult to convey the quality of paper or the tactility of a printed piece. So I’ve created a fab little book that shows samples and individual works I’ve been commissioned for, these will be available on request and printed to papers that I work on. So keep your eyes peeled for updates, once I have them ready to photography I shall be waxing lyrical about them!

In other fabulous news, I made the front page of Folksy and am their featured seller. You can read my interview with them here.



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