DYP Won A Business Award! I won the Entrepreneurial award in the Accelr8 category, at the Espark business accelerator that is sponsored by Natwest and KPMG; I’ve pretty much worked my socks off to really grow and accelerate DYP in the past six months. (see what I did there?)

My hard work has paid off but there’s no stopping now, as in the next six months I am planning on growing my business even more, so that I can move into my Garden Office, employ two more members of staff and expand my reach into other outlets and trade sales.

I can’t begin to explain to you how excited I am, and if you want to really grow as a person, personally and business-wise then apply to the Entrepreneurial Spark  and I promise you won’t look back. It’s not easy and by no means a short cut to fast tracking your business but it will help you find who you are, help you to understand if your business is a good idea and how to lay proper foundations to help sustain your business as it grows and develops.

Did I imagine that 6 months ago I would be talking to you about this? Not at all, I hate business talk and the language that is used is often confusing and actually a lot of hot air. My degree isn’t in business but rather design so I need to be spoken to in a straight forward way without jargon. ESpark (even with it’s interesting choice of wordings at times!) has been great for helping break down what can be often challenging terms and helping you apply it to your business.

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to achieve most of this without the guidance of my enabler Melinda. Who bless her, has to deal with my ramblings and help me focus my crazy thought processes. This might resonate with many self employed people who work alone; I find it really lonely at times working by myself, so it’s almost like I save my words up and when I meet another adult I just let all my words fall out! It’s like a dam bursts forth! I promise I working on it and I’m finding talking to myself helps 😉

Actually the whole Leeds ESpark team are pretty bloody awesome – so a big thanks guys 🙂

I also happen to have made friends with a great bunch of people who are on the same journey. It might sound a bit happy clappy but these people know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, how emotionally draining it is, your time is spent focusing on an idea that needs nurturing but you might not have that support in your regular life. These guys have been as just an important part of the journey too and have really made Espark a brilliant experience.

So yes, DYP Won A Business Award! Of £6000 in the Acceler8 category!!! As I mentioned above this is going towards the building of my garden office. I’ll update you about it in another blog post. Suffice to say I am literally bouncing with excitement and I want it to all start right now but good plans take time to lay and I’m still planning the most cost effective way to build it and the logistics of moving!

The lovely ladies in the photos are Louise from Love to Eat who is setting up Brownie Mail and Emily falcus from Bow Baskets. Check them out -they’re awesome!

Bec x


DYP Won a Business award!
Business Award Cheque
DYP won a business award!
DYP Business Celebration



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