DYP has a new advert to show case the awesomeness of what I do!

For a while I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a small advert that I could place here on the blog and use in my social media to showcase a quick look at what I do.

So here it is, it’s my first attempt at stop motion all done through an iphone 6 plus, I had some rendering issues with the app so it’s not the highest quality it could be but I am quite happy with what I managed to achieve in an evening. I love stop motion and I feel with the way my work is that it fits the medium really well as it’s all photos and text images. I love the idea of the flip motion and though it’s something I probably need to work on if I try this process again it is still a medium I’d love to explore more.

Are there any apps or programmes you use to create adverts? I tried imovie but since I use my phone to take my photos I wanted to use an IOS based app and then back up to the cloud. I currently use Afterlight¬†as an app to process my photos and I used that here with these photos for the advert. Afterlight is great because it gives you lots of filters and settings without being over complicated, it’s very beautifully designed as well which makes it a pleasure to use when processing photography.

Since social media is now moving towards video content, it makes sense to try to adapt this into showing how the cards and our products at DYP look and work. It gives you the customer, a better appreciation of what we do. Since Instagram also lets you post longer videos now that is perfect for these short snappy videos.

I hope you enjoy it, I love the music, it is exactly what I had in mind when I found it.




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