DYP First Vlog about the Espark Journey! Back in April I applied to the Entrepreneurial spark in the hope that I would get accepted and be made to look at DYP and how I could move my business forward. Today was my first day of Bootcamp and it has been an amazing experience, trepidation, team work and a firm shove out of my comfort zone.

Whilst speaking to one of the fab enablers, I started to explain that I’m a bit shit at blogging and tbh I am! Though I’m not going to moan or complain, it’s just something I know I should do but other things get in the way. Anyway they suggested I create a podcast or a Vlog, to which I immediately resisted but then realised if I’m going to grow you’ve got to embrace this in order to move forward. So here it is┬áDYP First Vlog about the Espark Journey!

So in this video you will find me (don’t laugh!) rambling over the days events, in my Pj’s late at night talking about the awesome rollercoaster day I’ve had. If you like my video give me a like and subscribe. I’m going to vlog my Espark journey and try to be as candid and open as I can because I think it will be a great insight to understanding my process and journey.

Anyway, enjoy! And don’t worry the filth and debauchery will return!

Bec x

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ESpark Vlog

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