So I’m back from BCTF, which was a different experience and one I’ll unlikely repeat as there are other shows that the work I produce is better suited at. It was though, a brilliant experience and I got to meet a lot of lovely people, some new and some old but still it was a blast and I loved every minute. (Yes, even the bits where nothing much happened!)

From the show came lots of new ideas, and if you follow my twitter and facebook feed, you might have seen that I’m currently exploring my profanity collection of cards. Now I love swearing and I know loads of you do too, you buy enough of my sweary cards and you let me know often that you love the swearing. In fact you want more of it!

So I have designed 15 news designs using quite expletive language but all in good fun and yes, it is insulting but in no way is it intended to upset or cause offence. So imagine my surprise to find that the two plate makers I use regularly refused to make my profanity plates based on ethical policies they have in place. I completely understand their stance and in no way was I trying to cause them any issues, I’m just mildly surprised really because ultimately the buck lands with me as I’m printing, marketing and selling the final products. So not to be dissuaded I have come up with another approach, I’ve had  a Claredon typeface made so I can set my own profanity (the good old fashion way!) and I have a friend who makes printing plates who is experimenting for me on how much pressure they can take in the press.

I was at first worried to continue developing this idea but it was a conversation with a good friend who said ‘if something is offending, upsetting or down right pissing someone off; you’re on the right track!’ So with that in mind I’m continuing along my path of experimenting!

In other great news, I’ve reopened the Folksy shop selling DYP products. I decided to try and give Folksy a go after leaving a while ago. Mainly as several people have been in touch to ask if they can purchase items through Folksy again, so in response to that I’ve reopened the shop and popped up some of the new prints. Over the coming days I’ll keep adding to the shop and let you know.

Right, I’m now off to delve into the murky world of Google Ad words and take advantage of the lovely free vouchers I’ve been sent to try out! I hope you’re all happy and well after Easter! Don’t forget Father’s Day is just around the corner! 😉


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