Christmas Shopping 2014! No I haven’t been on the gin, yes I’m doing a non profanity post! Can you believe it? 😉

Christmas isn’t too far away and if you’re like me I love to give new and quirky gifts to my family that you can’t find on the High Street. Also if you spend at least £100 on your local shops and with designer makers, you increase your local economy ten fold. So here is a list of some of the fabulous Designer Makers of Yorkshire and some gift ideas that are beautiful and lovingly made. So this Christmas Shopping 2014 make it a special one by choosing these amazing designer makers.

Please get in touch with them if you like their work, many of us are micro businesses and fabulous people who are lucky enough to enjoy doing what we do and make some semblance of a living from it! So here goes, the list is long but I promise, it’s worth it.


Daisy Florence makes beautiful vintage pocket mirrors. You can find her Etsy shop here.










Melodies -Gemma Fozzard is a stunning jewllery shop. Check out her Facebook page.

I love this drumstick brooch, pastel colours are gorgeous!

gemma fozzard - Melodies








I absolutely adore this artwork by Bronnach Pemberton, you can find more gorgeous work here:

Bronnach Pemberton ArtByBo and check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop.

Bronnach Pemberton










Paula Perrins ‘s work is absolutely stunning, and I think you’ll love it too!

Find Paula’s Christmas shop here and on Facebook

Paula Perrins











Debby Dean of Wulli Bulli make some gorgeous decorations! You can find her work here at Etsy and at Facebook.












I’ve put this Tiger Cushion on my wish list! You can find it here at All Her Glory. And over on facebook










Now my next choice is from one of my most favourite jewellers and printmakers. Inky Linky Liz, who doesn’t sell predominately online but if you can follow her and find her at her upcoming Christmas craft fairs, you’re in for a treat with her work. (Yes, being a fellow printmaker I am slightly biased and love her work!)

Inky Linky Liz











Rachel from Myroo creates the best lemon body butter I’ve ever used. It’s smells so good you could almost eat it! (But please don’t!)










Another Jeweller who’s work is great is Diana Lambert of Silver and Sparkle. I love these pendants!

Diana Lambert









This is a must have for any guitar or music lovers! Becky Moore makes this fabulous collection and my husband is getting one for Christmas! Guitar Heroes

becky moore











Another Jeweller I know and who’s work I adore is Rachel Lucie Designs and you can find her on facebook too. 

Check out her new jewellery, plus her new ‘Art House’ products.

rachel johns











Alison Young makes exquisite jewellery and this brooch is no exception. Find her work on her Etsy store.

Alison young











Nicola Taylor makes beautiful photography, her notebook gift set is no exception. Find her work here.

nicola Taylor











Oh my, I know my mum will love these handbags by Julia Batley from Teazle! You can also find her on facebook too.












My sister will simply adore these gorgeous candles from Sugar Hill! You can find their facebook page here.

sugar Hill









What a brilliant gift to give? The Sewing Sessions do gift cards and teach a skill too! Perfect idea for a gift that keeps giving!

sewing sessions






Neil Taylor runs SciArtImages, which is pretty cool work. SciArtImages offers something for the science geek – with some new earrings along with mirrors, cufflinks, mugs, coasters and much much more! Find Neil on Facebook too!

neil taylor











Moira is a fellow Not on the High Street Partner and makes the most fabulous work this wall planner is stunning! Check out her other work too!

moira fuller











I am already very lucky to own a piece of Naomi’s work and I love her printed cards too. (Again I’m biased when it comes to print!) You can find her silver plated resin jewellery here and on facebook.











I met Kimberli at a fair a long time ago and instantly fell in love with her work. You can find her work at the Red Corvid where you’ll find this stunning stag Christmas card amongst others. You can also find her work on Facebook too.

red corvid









Barbara Ann of Dizzy Ducks Creative Studio creates absolutely gorgeous photography. She’s very talented and I love this image!

barbara ann











I am very lucky to own one of Catherine’s Bags and she creates lots of other textile based products too. Find her work at Catkin Jane.












I have asked Santa for these rather exquisite earrings from Catherine Woodall Jewellery. Please take a look at her work as it’s got such a beautiful tactile quality!

catherine woodall











Oh my gosh these mittens are gorgeous! Check out all of Caroline’s work here at Sew Crafty. You can also find her on facebook too.

caroline wise










Jems Jewellery by Emma is amazing work in precious metals, I love her robocats and 3D umbrella’s best! Find her on facebook too.











Amanda Blackwell of Joe’s Toes makes slipper kits and slippers ready to wear. I love these festive green and red ones, they remind of elves! 🙂  Find her on facebook too.

Joe's Toes









Zoe Mitchell is a bloody genius if I say so myself she makes vintage china flower rings which are always popular stocking fillers. Go and check out her work here. She’s also on facebook, so you can find her there too.

urban magpie









Karen Kaye of Utterly Unique makes as she says Utterly unique jewellery and badges. Have a look at her amazing work here at Utterly Unique.









Throughout Yorkshire are some fabulous shops that have created a unique selling platform for designer makers to sell their products to a wider audience. You can find loads of sellers at:

Created in Yorkshire – Wakefield in the Ridings Centre. Run by Lynne and her team, they have a stunning shop that has some of Yorkshire’s finest handmade wares.

The Grand Arcade in Leeds has become an amazing mecca for some beautiful shops that have been curated with high quality handmade gifts. You can find Our Handmade Collective, Twit-Woo Vintage Boutique, and Loft. (Which is an amazing space!)

Here in Leeds you can also find the brilliant Fabrication where they also showcase excellent talent from across Yorkshire.

If you have a knitting fan then you may want to check out Barbara’s gorgeous yarns on Facebook, her company is called ‘Yorkshire to Dye for’ and is available in Fabrication in Leeds.

If you need something a little different for a secret santa, then head to Fabrication in Leeds and get your hands on a Yorkshire Voodoo Doll from Our Little Craft Company.

Check out Mary Duggan’s stunning work (I love the limited edition prints) have a look here on her website for further information.

Dotty Red owned by Suzie Vallis – check out her work here:

JoJoLous – owned by Jo McClure is a bag/luggage business. Find her on facebook: Here

So there you have it, a round up of some of the lovely crafts people that are based in Yorkshire and form part of the Craft Soup. Enjoy their wares and remember, buying local, buying handmade all helps your local economy.

Have fun!


Bec x

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