Valentines at DYP

Valentines Wine greetings

Valentines at DYP is well underway now and I can’t wait to share with you the fabulous new work I’ve been designing and the filthy words that you guys so dearly love!

I love Valentines, not because of the slushy romance stuff but because of the celebration of all relationships, friendships – basically all the love we share and give. Lot’s of you love to send cards that are not romantic, I concur as I bloody hate all of that slushy red roses, teddy bear shit that other companies seem to think as a woman I just simple adore.

Nope – I hate that stuff and a lot of you do too. So with that in mind, I always aim to please and so I’ve got a bloody smashing collection of work that I’m really proud of that is straight talking and funny.

Check it out over on the shop and find your cheeky Valentines, don’t forget we personalise all of our cards to fit with any funny sayings you might have. You can also find an exclusive range of cards over at Not on the High Street

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So check out Valentines at DYP and we dare you to send the cheekiest of greetings cards!


DYP Won A Business Award!

ESpark Entrepreneurial awards

DYP Won A Business Award! I won the Entrepreneurial award in the Accelr8 category, at the Espark business accelerator that is sponsored by Natwest and KPMG; I’ve pretty much worked my socks off to really grow and accelerate DYP in the past six months. (see what I did there?)

My hard work has paid off but there’s no stopping now, as in the next six months I am planning on growing my business even more, so that I can move into my Garden Office, employ two more members of staff and expand my reach into other outlets and trade sales.

I can’t begin to explain to you how excited I am, and if you want to really grow as a person, personally and business-wise then apply to the Entrepreneurial Spark  and I promise you won’t look back. It’s not easy and by no means a short cut to fast tracking your business but it will help you find who you are, help you to understand if your business is a good idea and how to lay proper foundations to help sustain your business as it grows and develops.

Did I imagine that 6 months ago I would be talking to you about this? Not at all, I hate business talk and the language that is used is often confusing and actually a lot of hot air. My degree isn’t in business but rather design so I need to be spoken to in a straight forward way without jargon. ESpark (even with it’s interesting choice of wordings at times!) has been great for helping break down what can be often challenging terms and helping you apply it to your business.

Of course I wouldn’t have been able to achieve most of this without the guidance of my enabler Melinda. Who bless her, has to deal with my ramblings and help me focus my crazy thought processes. This might resonate with many self employed people who work alone; I find it really lonely at times working by myself, so it’s almost like I save my words up and when I meet another adult I just let all my words fall out! It’s like a dam bursts forth! I promise I working on it and I’m finding talking to myself helps 😉

Actually the whole Leeds ESpark team are pretty bloody awesome – so a big thanks guys 🙂

I also happen to have made friends with a great bunch of people who are on the same journey. It might sound a bit happy clappy but these people know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, how emotionally draining it is, your time is spent focusing on an idea that needs nurturing but you might not have that support in your regular life. These guys have been as just an important part of the journey too and have really made Espark a brilliant experience.

So yes, DYP Won A Business Award! Of £6000 in the Acceler8 category!!! As I mentioned above this is going towards the building of my garden office. I’ll update you about it in another blog post. Suffice to say I am literally bouncing with excitement and I want it to all start right now but good plans take time to lay and I’m still planning the most cost effective way to build it and the logistics of moving!

The lovely ladies in the photos are Louise from Love to Eat who is setting up Brownie Mail and Emily falcus from Bow Baskets. Check them out -they’re awesome!

Bec x


Business Award Cheque  DYP Business Celebration


Happy New Year! It’s going to be a brilliant one!

kinky pink Cards

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a brilliant one! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and you’re well rested and ready for 2016 awesomeness! It’s been absolutely manic here and I love it! I can never thank my customers enough for being totally brilliant in their continued support and without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do this. But enough of that slushy shit!

Here are a sneaky peek at some of the Valentine’s cards that are available on DYP which is currently running a 25% off sale. You just need to bob the code: HYN25% in at the check out box to get your discount. I won’t tell if you don’t that you bought your Valentines in the sale. 🙂

DYP 25% OFF SALE    Use code: HYN25%

If you need filthy fun or cheeky sayings then don’t hesitate to get in touch. That’s what’s so great about this job is that I can offer a brilliant personalised service so you can crack your recipients up when they receive their card!

What are you plans for the New Year? I’ve decided to be create more filth, more funnies and bring you new products that are going to wow your socks off! I’m also looking at expanding into new premises, DYP has become a beast that can’t be contained in one room anymore, so exciting plans are afoot!

So on that note, don’t forget to head over to DYP for the sales and use your code! HYN25% at the checkout.

Have a marvellous New Year and once again thank you for being totally fucking epic!

Bec 🙂





Happy Birthday You Fabulous Fucker

Happy Birthday You Fabulous Fucker

This is by far one of my favourite birthday cards and is one of my best sellers. I love it when I get to print the messages on the inside because you guys absolutely love this card and I often imagine you’re laughing when you’re ordering!

I decided a while back that I would create cards that would shock but also make you laugh and since then I’ve gone from strength to strength. Of course I’ve had ups and downs and had to adapt to censorship but then I thought ‘fuck it’, people love swearing and those who don’t, well they’re not my customer!’

The etymology of the word ‘Fuck’ is quite interesting as it was often omitted from the early dictionaries when they were being compiled. Even Johnson left out this fruity word! It was even an offence to have it published according to the Obscene language act of 1857! A germanic and Dutch word ‘fikken’ – it means to copulate.

So here we have ‘Happy Birthday Fabulous Fucker’ – I bet you know several fab fuckers who’s birthday it is and who I bet you’d know who you can send this to! You can have any message printed to the inside of your card and I also post cards onto recipients. You can even have your card personalised with your choice of words.

Find this card here at the shop

Bec x

fab fucker Cards

Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Happy 3rd Birthday To Do You Punctuate!

Blah prosecco cards

Whooooo! I made it to three years! DYP has been in business for that long!

As a massive thank you for all of your wonderful support for all things sweary I’m giving you guys 15% off of everything on the store until October 23rd.

Just Pop Happi3 in the promotion box at the checkout to automatically get 15% off your entire order. (Postage not included)

If you saw my previous Vlog you’ll see that I mentioned a competition that I’ll be running. I want you guys to share your most craziest combination of filthy swear words that make you piss your pants laughing. Things like ‘wankstain’, ‘Sharkbastard’, ‘moudly fuckhole’ – you know words that you use to shout at other people when driving, or what you think of a co-worker!

The best ones will be put to vote on the Facebook page of DYP, you guys can choose the best one and it will be made into a card and printed and posted to you. It will also go live on the website for sale. So what you waiting for? Getting cracking! Either leave your choices here in the comments or head to Facebook and twitter and share the fuck out of this post so you can win!

I really want to say a massive thank you to you guys for being such amazing fucking people who have supported me and keep me aiming to create new and even more outrageously rude filth!

Bec x






autumn cards


Aye up Chumps! September is almost over and for that I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown. We’re already hurtling into my most favourite time of the year – Autumn! Everything from the crisp cool air, the golden russet leaves, cinnamon and pumpkin spice, harvest goodness from my garden. I really love it all.

I also happen to absolutely love that we have Halloween, Bonfire Night, Mix up Sunday, Advent, Christmas and New Year to start to look to. Of course doing what I do I’m already printing Christmas cards and boxing up sets that are now being ordered daily!

I have toyed with the idea of creating a range of Halloween cards, filthy fun thrown in for good measure but I don’t think they’ll be as well received here in the Uk. Which is a shame because Halloween and Old Mischievous night are British traditions, or at least their roots are based here. I just happen to think the American’s do a fabulous job at making it into such a brilliant occasion!

Things here have been pretty hectic since the kids went back to school; from my previous blog post you can watch where I talked about the business accelerator (Entrepreneurial Spark) that I’m part of has really got underway. I decided to Vlog about my experience of that journey as I try to raise the profile of DYP and access a wider audience and look to scale up what I do.

Ultimately my dream is to make DYP a commercial success, where you can find my cards in shops across the UK, even worldwide. I want to employ people and I want to drive my business to be successful but I want to make you laugh and piss your pants along the way. That is who I am and I believe I can do it because I’ve got laughter and I don’t happen to take myself too seriously!

The hardest part of this journey to date has been the emotional rollercoaster of whether I have a good enough business, whether I can make it super successful, how do I do it? Am I good enough? I think they’re all important questions and a natural part of this amazing process but it’s bloody hard to try to keep positive when your self doubt is gnawing at you.

write that down

It hasn’t helped that I’ve had a pretty bad flu virus on top of a touch of laryngitis which has meant I haven’t recorded a recent vlog. So you’ll have to make do with one I recorded earlier in the month. Which is here:

I have regular meetings with my brilliant enabler Melinda, who has made me ask myself some pretty tough questions. One of these has been to understand how to scale DYP, my problem is that I am like a magpie and I am easily distracted to want to try everything new. The hardest bit has been to really ask myself where I see myself in five years, what can I do to really scale up, so that I can have a business that is recognised and products are available nationally and globally. (That bit scares me shitless!)

The most useful thing I’ve done of recent is to properly manage my social media. I’ve got a proper plan, I know my most successful outlets, I know how to find my customers and I know how best to advertise. The problem? Hours in the day! So I’ve become pretty strict at time management, less time fucking about and a clear and precise plan everyday that I’ve been sticking to. In my up coming blogs I’ll post up my social media plan to give you an idea how it’s all working out. Right now though, I feel like I’ve achieved so much already but just simply planning time and how I’m using it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? The best plans always are!

Check out my next post for the fab competition and money off voucher to celebrate the third birthday of DYP.

Bec x



DYP first Vlog about the Espark Journey

fucking amazing Cards

Back in April I applied to the Entrepreneurial spark in the hope that I would get accepted and be made to look at DYP and how I could move my business forward. Today was my first day of Bootcamp and it has been an amazing experience, trepidation, team work and a firm shove out of my comfort zone.

Whilst speaking to one of the fab enablers, I started to explain that I’m a bit shit at blogging and tbh I am! Though I’m not going to moan or complain, it’s just something I know I should do but other things get in the way. Anyway they suggested I create a podcast or a Vlog, to which I immediately resisted but then realised if I’m going to grow you’ve got to embrace this in order to move forward.

So in this video you will find me (don’t laugh!) rambling over the days events, in my Pj’s late at night talking about the awesome rollercoaster day I’ve had. If you like my video give me a like and subscribe. I’m going to vlog my Espark journey and try to be as candid and open as I can because I think it will be a great insight to understanding my process and journey.

Anyway, enjoy! And don’t worry the filth and debauchery will return!

Bec x

#GoDo #GoDobootcamp

ESpark Vlog

DYP has a new advert

DYP logo contact page cards

DYP has a new advert to show case the awesomeness of what I do!

For a while I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a small advert that I could place here on the blog and use in my social media to showcase a quick look at what I do.

So here it is, it’s my first attempt at stop motion all done through an iphone 6 plus, I had some rendering issues with the app so it’s not the highest quality it could be but I am quite happy with what I managed to achieve in an evening. I love stop motion and I feel with the way my work is that it fits the medium really well as it’s all photos and text images.

I hope you enjoy it, I love the music, it is exactly what I had in mind when I found it.




Outrageously Rude Fathers Day Cards

Dad bloody fantastic Cards

Outrageously Rude Fathers Day Cards are now available in the shop! For the most you can’t find these cards on the high street because they are in poor taste and vulgar and very rude. Except I think they’re the best cards to send as it makes people properly laugh!  Of course there are tamer cards too, we don’t want your Dad having a heart attack from shock! 😉  (more…)

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