Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts

Top 5 teacher Gifts

Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts. It is the time of year, where the run down to the school holidays is well underway.

So whilst the frenzy is happening with the last drive for squeezing out every last drop of education, it’s time to spare a thought for our hardworking teachers and assistants. So we have put together a rather splendid list of Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts that we think teachers will really appreciate!

Number one of our Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts:

The talented ladies at Scamp make some of the most gorgeous gifts and we simply love this laser cut teacher sign.

Teachers are super heroes and this brilliant pennant flag comes with a neon cord and is made from birch plywood. We have had several signs from Scamp and we give our seal of approval for being amazing quality! A great gift idea and only £12.50!


Topf 5 teacher gifts

Number Two:

You will need a matching teacher card and we have the perfect collection of cheeky but fun and personalised greeting cards. Check out our collection here. We can personalise all of our cards to match your Teacher’s name or even make a special personalised card just for them.

Top 5 teacher Gifts Top 5 teacher Gifts Top 5 teacher Gifts Top 5 teacher Gifts

Number Three: 

The Cheeky Food Company are definitely up our street with their splendid offering of food gifts. We love this gift set as an alternative to the mountain of chocolate and body products we know our teacher friends receive. These chutneys available here: 

Are made with the finest Indian ingredients and we cannot wait to try the Ravishing Red Onion Chutney!

Number Four:

We simply love this mug and felt that it might strike a cord with many teachers! Prints In Pyjamas make some really funny and quite cool mugs but this one was our favourite!

Number Five

KimHearts has a fab shop on Etsy and we feel this glass would definitely get some use once the holidays start! We love the sparkly bottom but visions of a large Gin and Tonic spring to mind too!

Top 5 Teacher Cards and Gifts

Bargain! 4 Cards For £10

4 cards for £10

Bargain! 4 Cards for £10! What a cracking offer we have for you!

Bargain! 4 Cards for £10! Buy any 4 cards for £10 on our website including our personalised options. Grab your birthday, anniversary even your Father’s day cards which are all included in this great offer.

We source all of our materials from here in Yorkshire and we use luxury papers at grades of 380gsm (which is pretty thick for a greetings card but we like that extra quality.) As we print to demand all of our products we will and can print almost anything. We tend to shy away from anything illegal because that’s just not cool.

Aside from personalising the front of your card we write messages inside as well. We then post it onto your recipient so you can never miss a birthday or event! Get in touch for any bespoke or personalised orders and we will gladly print anything for you.

Just add your card choices to the basket and the rest all happens like magic! It is all worked out for you and the discount is applied at checkout. All we ask is that you pay the postage and we will pop your cards in the post via Royal Mail First Class post.

Find our entire collection here

4 cards for £10

Bargain! 4 Cards For £10 Husband Bargain! 4 Cards For £10 Bargain! 4 Cards For £10 Bargain! 4 Cards For £10


10 British Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

10 British Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest! Have you ever stood in front of the card stand and lost the will to live? Choosing a birthday card can be a pretty tedious task, particularly when you’re faced with an array of vom-inducing pleasantries. Teddy bears, flower arrangements or the dreaded golf illustrations – it’s difficult to navigate the card shelves!

Luckily, when we say we’ll print ANYTHING on our cards, we 100% mean it (as long as it’s legal!) We even personalise your cards as well, so you can be brutally honest with your best pal, lovely hubby or even Grandma Joan if you’re brave enough!

When it comes to buying a birthday card, Do You Punctuate has your back. There are absolutely no sickly poems here! Just real, honest birthday cards that we can ALL relate to.

We’ve picked out 10 of our most truthful birthday cards to make even easier to be brutal but please be aware, some of our cards are totally NSFW – you have been warned!

So what are your top 10 British Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest? Get in touch and let us know!

If our candid cards aren’t quite what you’re looking for, do not fret! We’ve catered for everyone and you can check out our magnificent mantelpiece friendly cards here.

Check out our Top 10 Truly Honest Birthday Cards below:

1) When you can’t  remember a birthday straight off

10 Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

Without facebook I probably wouldn’t have bought you a card £2.99


2) Savage (but kinda true). 

10 Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

Happy Birthday. I thought the dinosaurs were extinct? £2.99

3) Oops. 

10 Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

Happy Birthday. There was alcohol but we drank that so here’s a card instead! £2.99

4) Age is just a number!

10 Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

At your age, rolling out of bed is easy. It is the getting up off the floor that is difficult. Happy Birthday. £2.99

5) We all know one. 

10 Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

Happy Birthday, Dickhead. £2.99

6) The ultimate flattery!

10 Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder. £2.99

7) Harsh but very, very true…

Birthday Wanker Greeting Card £2.99

8) A polite warning is sometimes necessary!

10 British Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest

You’re One Step Closer to Your Balls £2.99


9) Cute. 

Happy Birthday. You’re not nearly as fat, old, bald or wrinkly as I thought you would be at this age! £2.99

10) Honesty is the best policy, right?

10 British Birthday Cards That Are Truly Honest


Happy Birthday. This is literally the first card I saw. £2.99

Win a 3-month supply of DYP cards!

At DYP, we pride ourselves on our fabulously fun range of greetings cards! Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect ‘mantelpiece safe’ card, or maybe something a little bit cheekier, we can guarantee that you will find it here! What’s more, we offer personalised cards so you can make the occasion that bit more special.

We know that everyone loves a freebie, and we also know that it’s super helpful to have a stash of cards in “The Drawer” at home! That’s why we’re giving three lucky people the opportunity to WIN a 3-month supply of our fantastically funny cards in our latest giveaway.

To be in with a chance of winning this smashing prize, head over to either our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and follow the instructions on our pinned posts. It’s honestly that easy!

Check out our latest designs here.



DYP’s Top 6 Filthiest Cards

At DYP we like to think that we’re not just offering our customers a ‘card-buying service’ but that we’re able to give you a little chuckle along the way. Sometimes, life is just a tad too serious and we pride ourselves on shaking life up a bit with our range of downright filthy and outrageous cards.

Whether you’re looking for a mantlepiece safe card for your great-aunt Sue, or something with a naughtier touch for your darling husband, we can guarantee we have the card for you. When we say that we will print ANYTHING on a card (as long as it’s legal!) we mean it and even better, we will personalise it too. Yup, saying it as it just got a lot easier.

Choosing the right card is a pain in the arse at the best of times but it’s 1000000x worse when you’re using a card to say something you may not even have the balls to say to their face…

We’ve chosen our top 6 filthiest cards to make things easier. Obviously, these change ALL the time because we’re just so bloody amazing and creative, so you can keep tabs on our new arrivals here. Please be aware, some of our cards are totally NSFW!


1) Happy Birthday Cunt

Blunt and straight to the point, just how we like it! Might be best sending this one in the post…

2) I’m not farting on your penis, it’s just a knicker whisper

If you’re making an excuse, you might as well try to make them cute. 

3) Happy Birthday Big Tits

We all know a pair! Why not just give them a gentle reminder on their special day?

4) I love your cock

You know, just in case you’re done with being subtle…

5) Happy Birthday. Get those lips ready, it’s blow job day

We all know it happens once or twice a year if you’re lucky! Give her a hint and you might up it to three times!

6) Husband, you make my special bits feel lovely

Mother always told me that honesty was the best policy!

Introducing the world’s first edible cards!

Here at DYP we’re continuously getting our creative caps on, redesigning and releasing new or improved versions of our outrageously filthy cards. Recently, we had one epic lightbulb moment and we’re bloody delighted to reveal to you our brand spanking new range of edible greetings cards!

With the same cheeky captions that we’re proud to be known for, each edible card will be handcrafted at our studio in good ol’ Yorkshire using only the finest rice paper and edible ink. Gone are the days where your Birthday cards get thrown in the bin after a few days because, with DYP edible cards, you can have your card and eat it too!

Our new range of edible cards will be available to order from Monday 3rd April and as always we can print ANYTHING on our cards (as long as it’s legal!).

Take a look at our edible card range ahead of the launch here.

Christmas TV: It’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Christmas is about chocolate, cocktails and unbridled TV watching.  Or at least it is round here.  Yeah yeah, there’s the giving and the caring, and the feasting and celebrating.  But there’s also so important goggleboxing to do.  Square-eyes don’t get square by themselves you know.

Christmas TV

So what’s in store for us?  Pretty much the usual stuff, the obligatory Strictly, the traditional Christmas eve Bond, blabla pass the vodka.  It can all be pretty much circumnavigated if you have a subscription to Netflix or Amazon or whatever.  But what if you don’t? Well, don’t worry. We’ve had a look through the TV schedules and there’s something for everyone.  You don’t have to resort to watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the gazillionth time.

Christmas Eve

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt  7.30pm Channel 4  Michael Rosen’s much loved children’s book has been animated.  Stars Olivia Coleman.

Muppet Christmas Carol  5.50pm Channel 4  I’m reliably told that the Muppets stick surprisingly close to the Dickens original story.  And who doesn’t love the Muppets?

Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle  22.05 BBC1  Waiting up for Santa?  The best bits of Phoenix Nights and more, should keep you occupied while the varmints fall asleep.

Christmas Day

Raymond Briggs Father Christmas  8.30am Channel 4  Settle the kids in front of this and go back to sleep for a little while

Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal  9.00am Sky2  Will keep everyone occupied while you pull yourself together and get over Santa’s hangover.

Polar Express  1.00pm ITV2  Children’s favourite, belief in Father Christmas is restored in an epic journey to the North Pole.

The Great Christmas BakeOff  4.45pm BBC1  Your last chance to get your BBC Bake Off fix before it hightails it over to Channel 4 next year.

Dr Who  5.45pm BBC1  Essential Christmas Day watching obvs.  Apparently a good sprinkling of superhero references in this Christmas special.

The Last DragonSlayer  5.45pm Sky1  If you’re more of a fantasy family than a scifi family, check this film out.  A little bit Pratchett, a whole lot of adventure

Call the Midwife  8pm BBC1  Special Christmas episode.  Box of tissues at the ready.

Eastenders  9.30pm BBC1  The obligatory Eastenders disasters await: someone’s bound to be found out / get murdered / leave in a taxi, as Max Branning returns to the Square.

Boxing Day

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn  11am BBC2  Something to aim to get up for.  Or watch it in bed with the kids.  Or without them.

West Side Story  2.20pm Channel5  If you didn’t make it up for Tintin, surely you can drag your sorry ass to the couch for West Side Story?

World’s Strongest Man 2016  6.00pm Channel5  Action from the contest at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.  Yeah, it’s traditional. 

Revolting Rhymes   6.30pm BBC1  Animations based on poems of Roald Dahl.  Features Dominic West and Rob Brydon

Captain America: The First Avenger  9pm Film4  Superheroes for older kids and big kids.